Lutterworth Golf Club
Played  25.10.2020

Weather & Course Condition

I travelled up from Devon on the morning I was playing here and the weather was changeable all the time however on arrival at the course it was dry and bright with sunny periods making it a lovely autumn day to play golf. The course was in good condition considering the amount of rain they had endured prior to my visit, the only downside for me but it was out of control for the greenkeepers was the leaves that had fallen and covered many of the fairways making finding your ball either impossible or very difficult but this is not a fault of the club it is only to be expected at this time of year on a course that has lots of well matured trees lining the fairways.


The location of this club makes it very easy to find, if you are travelling on the M1 you need to exit at Junction 20 following the signs to Lutterworth, at the next roundabout which is only 300yds from the junction turn left up the hill, as you near the top of the hill which is around another 300yds turn right into the club car park which has plenty of room for you. Due to the covid-19 issue they have a one way system whereby you will enter the course via a throughway past the locker rooms, at the end the pro shop is to your right which is really well equipped, in front of you is the putting green and just past it to the right is the first tee. On the day of my visit there was a competition on so the course was quite busy but even so I still managed to get round in less than 4hrs which is a testament to the course and members. I have passed this course many times when I was a child as my grandfather owned a petrol station in Lutterworth where my father also worked and in those times the roads were very quiet but nowadays with all the expansion going on in Lutterworth and the nearby DIRFT the roads are very busy with heavy traffic and the road noise will be heard no matter where you are on the course but don’t let this put you off visiting this course as it is a great challenge for all level’s of golfers with a variety of challenging holes that will not demoralise you, if you are looking for a lovely course to play that will not take a long time to play with good facilities and friendly faces then do not miss this one.

Apologies for the lack of photo's but on returning home I found that my camera had a issue and a lot of photot's had been lost, I will try and get some next time I am out this way again.

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Hole 1.JPG

All yardage is from the yellow tee’s
Hole 1 – 301yds – Par 4

From the tee the hole drops down then rises up to the green in the distance and is lined by young trees for the first half then mature well established trees up to the green. From the tee any drive that goes around 150yds and more and stays on the fairway is a good start, for myself my tee shot drifted off to the right just off the fairway in the bottom of the dip, after a duffed second my third found the front right of the green. Even this time of year the greens were in good condition and ran true and was a joy to putt on, two putt’s later it was onto the second.

Hole 2 – 323yds – Par 4

Following the path past the 18th tee (it is well signposted to the 2nd) will bring you to the second tee, from here you will be looking down to the green in the distance which is tucked just behind a group of trees that encroach into the left of the fairway. With plenty of width on the fairway a reasonable tee shot should leave you ideally in the middle of the fairway with a clear view of the green. I ended up more on the right of the fairway leaving a shot of around 160yds to the front of the green. As I have been slowly improving with my irons I decided on a 6 iron to be my weapon of choice, if well struck should put me on the green or at the worse just short, so taking a easy swing I let rip and duly duffed it with the ball ending up just 50yds in front of me. From here a well struck pitching wedge left me just off the rear of the green which was rather fortunate as had I gone a couple of yards further would have put me in the brook that runs close to the back of the green.

Hole 2.JPG
Hole 3.JPG

Hole 3 – 346yds – Par 4

This tee is just alongside the 2nd green however if you are playing off the whites you will need to cross the brook to the tee which is around 30yds behind the yellow. From this tee fairway is lined by well established trees and is undulating with a slight dog leg left to the green. At the time of year I played here the fairway was covered with leaves so my tee shot disappeared from view so as a precaution I played a provisional, on walking up the fairway I found my first, it had come to rest in the bottom of one of the undulations which is why I could not spot it from the tee, the provisional ball was never found I suspect it buried itself under the leaves. If like me you don’t hit a long tee drive here it leaves a long second to the green which for me was to far, so as long as you don’t go to right as there is a tree that jut’s out slightly that can get between you and the green for your second you should be ok. My second duly went right leaving me a shot over the tree which left me just short of the green and recording a bogey.

Hole 4 – 160yds – Par 3

Straightforward par 3 which is open around the green, for me I thought about using a 5 iron but as I am striking my rescue wood well that was my weapon of choice and it duly didn’t let me down leaving me just short right of the green leaving a easy up and down which I duly didn’t manage and scored a bogey.

Hole 4.JPG
Hole 5.JPG

Hole 5 – 379yds – Par 4

Right in front of the teeing box is water that may be on the minds of some when driving but past this the fairway is wide and open. My drive went down the right which is the one side you don’t really want to go as the green can’t be seen from here and there are trees to go over to reach the green. Not having enough confidence in my striking skills today to reach the green I opted for a simple knock out back onto the fairway which left me about 80yds from the green which has bunkers on both sides at the front of it.

Hole 6 – 430yds – Par 4

The tee box is just behind the 5th green but on the day I played it was the other side of the hedgerow so you will need to walk up towards the 6th fairway and there is a gap and steps up to this tee box. A reasonable tee shot should leave you with a long second to the green, this hole gently rises all the way from tee to green so will feel like a very long par 4. Even using a 3 wood and striking it reasonably well I was still 100yds short of the green which has a bunker to the front left of it but did not come into play for me.

Hole 6.JPG
Hole 7.JPG

Hole 7 – 394yds – Par 4

Slightly downhill hole which runs back parallel to the 6th, no real problems although if you go left to far you could have problems finding your ball or be O.O.B. and if you go right there are a few trees but should you go past them you will be back on the 6th fairway but still a good shot to the green. I ended up in the trees on the right but using my 3 wood I managed to punch out under the branches and somehow ended up just short of the green, a chip onto the green saw my ball end up running over the large fast green and just going off the back.

Hole 8 – 446yds – Par 4

This hole has a slight turn left and from the tee the green isn’t visible, a good drive down the middle or to righthand side of the fairway is what your looking for and not like me ending up too far left leaving the three trees blocking any chance of reaching the green in two. Once passed these trees the large green awaits with bunkers front left and right of it.

Hole 8.JPG
Hole 9.JPG

Hole 9 – 155yds – Par 3

A shortish slightly uphill par 3 with trees lining both sides all the way to the green so a straight tee shot is required. I went with a 5 iron but slightly pushed it right and it ended up just behind the very last tree leaving no shot to the green so I was well chuffed to come off with a bogey after that lie.

Hole 10 – 371yds – Par 4

From the tee this looks a straightforward drive in reality I made a right muck up of mine which ended up short and left leaving me too close to the the tree on the left so no shot over it, so taking a low punch shot under the branches left me just short of a brook that crosses the fairway and within a easy pitch shot upto the raised green. My simple approach shot was duly despatched short and right of the green leaving a bunker between myself and the green which using my 65 degree wedge (yes it is a 65 bought some 20+yrs ago) I cleared the bunker but got caught up on the edge of the green in soft ground but a chip and two putt got me there for a 6

Hole 10.JPG
Hole 11.JPG

Hole 11 – 370yds – Par 4

This fairway runs alongside the 1st on your left, it is quite open so should not be to problematic, my tee shot ended up short of the ditch that crosses the fairway and on the right leaving my second to the green blocked out by the row of bushes that start at the ditch and go all the way upto the green. Putting the ball safely back onto the fairway left me a shot of around 110yds upto the green so taking a easy 9 iron the ball sailed high and straight to the green. On reaching the green I could not locate my ball at all which appeared very strange so taking another ball I started to walk back down the slope when I found my ball which had landed about 2ft from the front edge of the green and because of the soft ground had buried itself so the top of the ball was flush with the ground on another day the shot would have been a beauty, but with a up and down safely negotiated it was still a good result for me.

Hole 12 – 174yds – Par 3

The green is well above the tee box and as long as you don’t go left there are no issues here, I played my 3 wood and manage to strike it really well but in the autumn light it was very difficult to follow the ball flight and I was under the impression it had landed on the green so was very surprised when I arrived at the green but no ball was found. Making sure it hadn’t gone off the back (which it hadn’t) the only other place it could be is in the hole so on checking the hole much to my surprise it wasn’t there, I finally found the ball some 20yds short of the green, it is so deceiving playing at this time of year in this light with no one who could help spot for you. Even so I did manage to par this one.

Hole 12.jpg
Hole 13.jpg

Hole 13 – 475yds – Par 4

A long par 4 with trees lining both sides of the fairway which turns right to the green that can’t be seen from the tee. Not feeling confident with driver as it had been drifting off to the right a lot I opted for my 4 iron which I have rarely used upto now. So with heart in mouth I let rip and to my surprise managed a good strike that went dead straight down the righthand side of the fairway some 185yds, deciding to chance my luck I swung the 4 iron again for my second and once again it sailed straight and long leaving me just short of the green that’s tucked into the corner of the course. As I had gone all down the right side of the hole it had taken out of play the 3 bunkers on the left as you approach the green and although there is a large bunker on the right front of the green my pitch left me safely on the green albeit with a long putt to the hole.

Hole 14 – 395yds – Par 4

From the tee you will notice a group of large trees slightly jutting out into the fairway on the left, if you were able to clear these trees the green is on that line. Starting to enjoy swinging the 4 iron I went with it again and happy to report had a slight draw on it which left me in the middle of the fairway just in line with the afore mentioned trees. Leaving a good line into the long green which with a bunker to the right of it I let loose with my 6 iron which although went high and straight left me some 30yds short and a bogey was recorded but I really enjoyed playing this hole.

Hole 14.jpg
Hole 15.jpg

Hole 15 – 188yds – Par 3

A long par 3 with water just short and on the right makes this a tricky little hole for us higher handicappers, with the tee box alongside the 18th tee the hole drops down to the water and then upto the green. My first thought was to play safe and play short of the water and then pitch up but for some reason instead of getting my 8 iron out of the bag I picked my rescue wood and let rip and as soon as I’d hit it I knew it was the wrong choice, it flew high and straight and somehow just managed to clear the water but left me with a very awkward stance to pitch upto the green so I was pleased that I did make par here.

Hole 16 – 308yds – Par 4

From the tee you have two choices, play through the narrow gap of trees and over the brook to the fairway or if you are a confident driver then go over the lefthand trees which if you can hit a long drive will leave you pretty close to the green. Once again opting for the 4 iron my drive sailed straight through the gap and went just off the back of the fairway in the distance which left a difficult second as the lie was not great. Ideally you will have stopped on the fairway leaving a good approach to the large green, my second was once again some 80yds short of the green but considering everything I was very happy with a 5 on this one.

Hole 17.jpg

Hole 17 – 324yds – Par 4

A reasonably straight hole this one with trees lining all the way down the lefthand side to the green and groups of trees lining most of the righthand side. Again the 4 iron selected but this time I didn’t strike as well and although it went down the righthand side and straight it only went about 140yds leaving a long second to the green. On the bright side it took the trees that lined the left out of play and if I was to get a good strike the green is reachable, selecting the old faithful rescue wood I just managed to reach the front of the green literally by inches but 3 putted to finish.

Hole 18 – 339yds – Par 4

Last hole and from the tee it drops down then rises upto the large green that is just in front of the clubhouse, with a wide fairway all the way down to the bottom of the hill I decided the driver was needed but it drifted off to the right and although still just on the fairway it left a difficult uphill shot to the green with trees lining all the way up the righthand side just about on the line I needed. Having really enjoyed this round and noticing that a big black cloud was just about to unload I quickly grabbed my 4 iron without thinking properly about it and let rip, it duly went straight but although
I saw it land and bounce I then lost it. My problem throughout this round was the amount of leaves due to the time of year and this time was no exception as even though I knew the small area it had landed in I was unable to find it, as the rain was just starting I decided to go back about 20yds and take a penalty shot from there which duly landed safely on the green and finished off with a 2 putt.
As a footnote just as I had taken my shoes off at my car the heavens opened up and although with a rush I managed to get everything in the car within a couple of minutes I was soaked but as soon as I had got in the car it stopped raining, just typical.


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