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Great Torrington

Please note that this is a 9 hole course but you play from different tee boxes for the back nine, I visited this course as it is one of the 1895 clubs and as my home club is also one I took the opportunity to play here so my round review will be a overall report and not a hole by hole.

Weather & Course Condition

Weatherwise it was a overcast day with light wind but as this course is on top of a hill and the wind felt a bit stronger but it does give a great view of the local countryside but when it went back in the temperature did drop a little.

The course itself is on a relatively small piece of land and the nine holes are neatly arranged on it and even though there had been a lot of rain around prior to my visit the ground was in really good condition. I am not sure how many green staff they have here but I only saw one on the day I played and it is a big thank you to them for the condition of the course and the nice touches I found around the course which I believe lifts it, for example the pathways were well looked after and around some of the tee’s they have put in posts with blue nylon rope hung from them, a cheap simple touch but a good touch to improve the look of the course, along with ample litter bins and ball cleaners around the course and hats off to them for the signage at each hole.


From Great Torrington the course is signposted near to the church, on this day of my visit there was a lot of construction and road works going on which caused a few minor problems but once past them we arrived at the club, the car park is not the biggest and not tarmaced but more than adequate with a little room for any overspill just outside. The club is enjoying a boom in membership and boasts an impressive 400+ members so the car park could get a little congested at times. The clubhouse is not the biggest but it is welcoming and run by a lovely lady who works very hard at providing everything a golfer needs and the food and service was spot on. Outside the clubhouse is a practice net and they have built a nice extension to the clubhouse with benches to enjoy a drink or meal no matter what the weather is doing.

The course itself is tight with narrow fairways so will be a good challenge to players of all abilities and even though a number of the par 4’s are short and driveable it would take a accurate drive to reach the green which are smaller than you would normally expect but in great condition and with the subtle contour changes on them made it a pleasure to play on them. For my first loop of nine holes I found a number of them were blind from the tee which made a challenge in itself both for line and what club to use but on my second loop I could really enjoy the course more and perform a little better.

There are a number of players that avoid playing a 9 hole course but I would certainly recommend this one because as an overall package you will not be disappointed, yes the holes are tight and short but they are a challenge and what’s more you can leave your wife/family doing the shopping and play 18 holes here and be back before they know you’ve gone.

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Hole 1

Hole 5

Hole 5.jpg
Hole 7.jpg

Hole 7

Hole 8

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Hole 9

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