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Stover G.C.

Weather & Course Condition

Well the weather on the day of my visit was miserable, gusty wind and showers most of the round and some were quite heavy, the only good thing weatherwise was that it was not raining when I started the round but by the third it was a different story. Unfortunately due to the weather conditions prior to my visit the first 5 holes had temporary greens but these were in reasonable good condition and played quite well considering. Apart from the temp greens the rest of the course was in very good condition and the green staff had done excellent work to keep it in good state considering all the rain that had fallen over the previous week.


This course is just off the A38, if you are coming south you’ll pass Chudleigh a couple of miles further on take the exit from the A38 heading to Newton Abbott, in ¼ mile take a left at a small roundabout then the entrance into the Golf Club is about 100yds on your right. There is ample parking and a lot of outside seating to enjoy your food and drink when the weather allows, the clubhouse is a good size and very welcoming and you will have a warm welcome from the staff

Hole 1.JPG

Hole by Hole Analysis
All yardage is from the yellow tee’s
Hole 1 – 410yds – Par 4

A short walk from the pro shop past the putting green will bring you to the 1st tee which is alongside the main road, ahead of you is a wide fairway so for those of us that just get out of the car and straight to the 1st tee it is wide enough to just go for it, the only thing to be careful off is the practice area that is on the left of the fairway around 50 to 100yds from the tee. As a bit of a surprise I managed a reasonable drive that drifted a little left and left me near a small tree some 65yds past the practice area. From here all I could do was knock it back onto the fairway and my approach to the temp green with a 8 iron left me just short of it but I did manage to get away with a bogey.

Hole 2 – 152yds – Par 3

This hole was playing shorter than what the yardage says due to the temp green being about 30yds closer to the tee, from the tee trees line both sides of this hole and as the bunkers are around the normal green there were none for me to take into account. Out of the blue I hit a good 9 iron and ended up pin high around 10yds to the right of the temp green, a chip and a putt gave me par and the hope of turning a good score for the round.

Hole 2.JPG
Hole 3.JPG

Hole 3 – 372yds – Par 4

This was a hole I’d like to play again as from the tee the fairway rises up and in the distance at the top is a marker pole to aim out. Unbelievably my driver worked well again and the ball sailed up towards the marker post but then rolled just into the rough on the right. For my second I still couldn’t see the green as it is tucked away in the corner behind the trees on the left-hand side of the fairway, so taking a easy swipe with my 3 wood I couldn’t believe my luck to see the ball sailing away with a slight draw around the corner towards the green. Now here is the reason why I would like to play this hole again, from where I was the green was barely 50yds away but no temp green could be seen, after a little head scratching the penny dropped that the temp green was 100yds behind me on the left side from where I stood, had I realise when taking my second shot I would have only needed a pitching wedge but as it was that far away from the main green I never realised it was the temp for this hole, even so more than pleased to get away with a bogey again.

Hole 4 – 293yds – Par 4

Trees line the right of this fairway and there is a large tree on the left about 135yds from the tee, the ideal shot is over this tree or draw it round it but be aware there is a water hazard that goes across the fairway about 240yds from the tee. Thinking I was being clever I aimed to the right of the tree but mishit it and sent it down the right of the fairway leaving me just short of the bunker waiting there. From here it was about 90yds to the water hazard and around 125yds to clear it with the large green waiting just behind. Normally I would have gone for it but as the smaller temp green was just the other side of the water and front right of the main green I decided to play short of the water leaving me a pitch and 2 putt before going to the 5th.

Hole 4.JPG
Hole 5.JPG

Hole 5 – 205yds – Par 3

A long par 3 this one but luckily this was the last hole on a temp green which was located in front of the main green on the right so was around 165yds to the green. On this day I had a Aeroburner in the bag which is similar to a 7 wood and normally I can hit it quite well so this was the club I let rip with and was more than pleased to watch it sail high and straight to the green landing some 5yds short of the temp green, thinking a par was on the cards I duly made a right meal of my chip and recorded yet another bogey.

Hole 6 – 311yds – Par 4

A straightforward par 4 this one with trees lining both sides it’s a straight hole to the large green in the distance and shouldn’t cause any problems if you keep it on the fairway, for me I was now fully encased in my waterproofs and the water was starting to make me feel uncomfortable, my drive was not great and only went 140yds down the right and just off the fairway, my second was not much better and my 5 iron left me about 50yds short of the green, with a pitch and 2 putts it left me rueing what had happened here.

Hole 6.JPG
Hole 7.JPG.jpg

Hole 7 – 116yds – Par 3

Wow what a hole, as you can see from the raised tee it’s a narrow corridor to send your tee shot to the green and if you do hit it straight there is a large bunker waiting right in front of the green so no room for error here. Taking swing with my pitching wedge and having everything crossed I went for it, well what can I say, somehow it came out of the sweet spot and went straight and high towards the green and landed pin high just a few feet to the left of the pin, would love to say it stayed there but it took a big bounce and I ended up off the back of the green. This is one of those holes you will curse if your tee shot goes awry or you will love it if your on the green, I am at the moment in the love it camp but next time it most likely be a different story.

Hole 8 – 499yds – Par 5

The first par 5 of the round and from the tee you will need a good shot as a large tree is on the left just off the front of the tee and it’s all OOB down the right side, I managed to miss all the tree’s on my drive and ended up 180yds away but on the right edge of the fairway. For the second shot if you do the same you will need to be aware of the water to the right of the fairway that seems to act like a magnet to my ball most of the time, hitting a poor 3 wood as predicted it started off down the middle of the fairway but gentle drifted towards the water and left me right on the edge of it leaving no chance of reaching the green from here. 2 more shots and 2 putts later the hole was completed.

Hole 8.JPG.jpg
Hole 9.JPG.jpg

Hole 9 – 363yds – Par 4

Looking down the wide fairway which turns left to a large green alongside the clubhouse seemed to be a simple enough hole but did catch me out I’m afraid to say. From here on in for the rest of the round was a game of survival as I was now soaking wet, so hitting a poor drive that ended up on the right in the group of trees you can see in the photo was not the best place to be, so a hack out onto the fairway left me around 170yds to the green. In front of the green a small brook meanders across the whole of the fairway so the decision to go for it or lay up has to be made, my decision was to go for it so letting rip with a 5 iron I watched it fly straight to the pin but then realised it wasn’t going to reach the green but luckily it ended up about 1ft short of the brook leaving a interesting chip.

Hole 10 – 319yds – Par 4

Again another hole that is lined both sides by trees and the green hidden behind the trees on the righthand side in the distance. Being wet and uncomfortable (that’s the excuses out of the way) I hit a poor drive and second shot but my third landed on the green and I somehow managed to get a par on this one.

Hole 10.JPG.jpg
Hole 11.JPG.jpg

Hole 11 – 361yds – Par 4

A wide open fairway here with the green in the distance, for some reason this hole is Stroke Index 1 but I thought there were harder holes than this one. Today the only thing that made this hole tough was playing directly into a reasonably strong wind and as such it took me 3 quite good shots that left me just over the far side of the large green which has two large bunkers on both sides at the front of it, playing out of longish grass back onto the green was a challenge but somehow I managed it and added another bogey to my score.

Hole 12 – 328yds – Par 4

A short walk back to the 12th tee which is amongst the trees you look down the fairway and you can see the fairway is wide where your drive should end up, I say should as mine ended up in a group of trees on the right and I suspect there have been many more players in there seeing all the divots around, getting back on the fairway it left me around 105yds from the pin, it was at this point the gentlemen in the 4 ball in front of me politely allowed me to play through and as a high handicapper you just know this shot will probably make you look stupid. Letting rip with my pitching wedge I could not believe it as it sailed high and straight to the pin landing softly within a couple of feet of the hole….

Hole 12.JPG.jpg
Hole 13.JPG.jpg

Hole 13 – 138yds – Par 3

A large green awaits your tee shot and it has a bunker to the left and right of it, a mis-hit shot that goes short could end up in the brook that runs across the fairway about 50yds short of the green, somehow my 8 iron ended up on the front third of the green and the pin was at the back of it so I was over the moon with getting par here.

Hole 14 – 486yds – Par 5

I’ll state this now I made a right mess of this hole, the green is not visible from the tee as it is tucked behind the trees on the right in the distance, my drive was ok but my second left me in trouble on the right and deciding I had the ability to hit my third out of the rough and over a tree to end up close to the green wasn’t my best move as I caught branch and that sent the ball into deeper rough on the right of it. The green has a large bunker to the front left of it and it is all uphill to so managing to reach the green in 5 I suppose and getting a double bogey was a good result considering how things went.

Hole 14.JPG.jpg
Hole 15.JPG.jpg

Hole 15 – 177yds – Par 3

A slightly downhill par 3 to a large green with 2 bunkers waiting some 30yds in front of the green and one each side of the green at the front  made it a challenge for me here. My tee shot left a lot to be desired and I ended up blocked out behind a tree on the right side, a chip sidewards and a pitch to the green which ended up short was just the start of my problems as unbeknown to me the ground was well waterlogged and just finding my plugged ball took a while. Once on the green there was some waterlogged area’s and even though my putt line looked ok it was in fact really soft and wet and slowed the ball dramatically and it took three putts to finish off this hole.

Hole 16 – 383yds – Par 4

From a raised tee box the hole gently turns left and is treelined all the way, as you can see it is a challenging tee shot for the likes of me, at least my drive cleared the brook that crosses the fairway and left me on the right of the fairway, a further 2 shots left me just a few feet off the front left the green with the only bunker here between myself and the pin. As there was a lot of green to play with my thinking was a 9 iron into the middle of the green the ball should then roll towards the rear of the green where the hole was, so hitting a great chip the ball landed exactly where I planned only to land dead, it didn’t roll an inch as this green was also very wet although not completely waterlogged.

Hole 16.JPG.jpg
Hole 17.JPG.jpg

Hole 17 – 360yds – Par 4

A reasonable easy hole this one as long as you can hit a straightish drive which I managed to do, can’t say the same for the second as my 7 wood went left and left me 60yds short of the green in rough ground. The green is protected by 3 bunkers to the left of it and there is the dreaded water hazard the right. I had just bought a 60 degree wedge and thought this would be the ideal club to pop the ball out and onto the green, so with a couple of perfect practice swings I managed to thin the ball and watch it go into that darned water so what should have been a par ended up as a double bogey.

Hole 18 – 391yds – Par 4

Finally I’ve arrived at the last hole and this one turns gently left to a green hidden behind the large tree on the left, because of this and knowing I always get a little fade on my drives I aimed at the right edge of this tree and let rip and yes you’ve guessed it the ball went dead straight and caught one small branch half way up it which pinged it straight down leaving me in the rough and on the edge of the bushes on the left. The best I could do from here was knock some 80yds forward leaving it still off the fairway but at least the ball was in a good position. Left with around 150yds to the large green which has two bunkers one left and one right at the front of it my 7 iron came up just short of it. It was at this point my trolley gave in to the rain that was coming down quite heavy and would have given any onlooker a chuckle as water must have got into the electronics and the trolley decided to go off at top speed heading to the trees and car park that runs alongside the fairway on the right with me squelching along trying to stop it, eventually I managed to disconnect the battery without falling over and completed the hole for another bogey.

Hole 18.JPG.jpg
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