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Came Down G C
Played 07.01.19

Weather & Course Condition

Had a early start when visiting this course and the weather was certainly fresh first thing with a little mist around, it was one of the few times my thermal hat came out covering my ears, but as the mist cleared the sun came out and the temperature soared and I started removing layers of clothing. The course was not in the best condition but I suspect as it was first thing on a Monday and it looked as though they had been very busy over the weekend and the greenkeepers had not had time to tidy things up, if you were not on the fairway on a number of holes the first cut was a little longer than normal but once again at this time of year the grass can grow so quick. Overall it was good condition and the greens were excellent and I’m sure had I played here any other day in the week it would have been well manicured all round.


Having spent the night in a hired motorhome in Weymouth it took only 15mins to drive down the lanes to the course, driving alongside the course just before turning left into the large car park it appeared to be a open course with no real challenges but looks can be deceiving as I was to find out. On entering the clubhouse there were a few people waiting to go out and I found the club pro sorting out drinks for them prior to opening the shop. The shop although on the small side has everything anyone would require and the pro was very welcoming and helpful letting me tee off a little earlier than normal so I would be in front of a society booking. It is worth noting that the early tee times are reserved for club members only so a big thank you to them for letting me play during that time. Would I recommend you to play here….. yes certainly, if you are on holiday in the area then pack your clubs and visit this club you will not regret it, but one word of advice if you are in a motorhome don’t take the wife, as after just over 4hrs my wife was deciding whether to divorce me or not, still she did make me another bacon butty and tea after the round but I’m still paying for it weeks later.

Hole 1.JPG

All yardage is from the yellow tees.

Hole 1 – 426yds – Par 4

As can be seen from the photo the green is not visible as the wide open fairway gentle dips down to it, with no marker posts indicating the line may leave the visitor wondering which line to take, fortunately for me due to the dew on the grass I could see where the members who had played in front of me had gone so with thermal hat well pulled down the big boy came out and we were off. Why when you hit a great tee shot is there nobody watching but when you duff it there’s always someone that’s seen it, luckily my tee shot was straight and long so off I trekked finding my ball some 15yds past a bunker on the left of the fairway which can’t be seen from the tee, the green is waiting for you below with a couple of bunkers waiting to the left & right of the green. My second went straight but was a little short leaving me about 5yds short of the green, following the second I chipped onto the green finishing right by the pin giving me a  par on the first, oh joy could this be the day? The green as like all the others was lovely to putt on, as I had started early the dew was still on them which made it interesting for the first six holes.

Hole 2 – 146yds – Par 3

So onto the second and on a high, a short par 3 without any problems save for a few bunkers around the green. Now as some of you may know I am rubbish on par 3’s (however things are improving due to Stuart the golf pro at Wrangaton) and this one certainly brought me down from my high. Taking my 8 iron and a nice easy swing my head turning to look for the ball taking flight straight to the green I noticed a white object going off at 45 degrees to the right skidding over the grass. So having walked all of 15yds from the tee taking pitching wedge and this time hitting the ball correctly I did watch it sail high and straight to the flag….. only to land with a big splash of sand in the bunker, saving grace being I have a 65 degree wedge that got me out cleanly and two putts later I walked off with a 5.  I hate par 3’s

Hole 2.JPG
Hole 3.JPG

Hole 3 – 267yds – Par 4

After the first two holes which were completely open on this one you are driving down a corridor between the trees to a green that is unseen tucked behind the trees in the distance on the right, once again big boy helped me out by sending the ball straight leaving me about 100yds to the slightly raised green, although my pitch was a little short I still walked off with a bogey and the previous holes adventure forgotten.

Hole 4 – 442yds – Par 4

A long par 4 that is once again pretty open and long drivers will be in with a good chance of reaching the green in two, for me after 3 strokes I had only managed to reach the dip which is just to the right of the green and I hate to admit it another 3 shot’s taken to get in the hole. Good hole, nice green just wish I could play it again.

Hole 4.JPG
Hole 5.JPG

Hole 5 – 371yds – Par 4

A straight uphill fairway to this green, taking out big boy knowing the last three times I’d used it brought good results I let rip….. pulled it slightly left leaving me on the bank and the ball well below my feet for my second. It is worth noting that when you are just short of the green the sixth tee is above you on your left and they are playing to the green on top of the bank to your right so beware of low flying golf balls. Once on the green as like all the others it is a joy to putt on.

Hole 6 – 220yds – Par 3

A short steep walk upto the 6th tee will leave you looking out over the 5th fairway which as you can see from the photo you will not be able to see any players who may be there, you will see the green on the top of the bank in the distance. Club selection is important here especially for me, deciding between big boy because of the distance or my 3 wood which I normally hit consistently straighter I decided on the latter and oh joy not only was it straight but it rolled a good distance  leaving me just on the front edge of the green and my second par for the day recorded.

Hole 6.JPG
Hole 7.JPG

Hole 7 – 401yds – Par 4

As can be seen from the tee the fairway drops down steeply to the green some 200yds or so in front of you, a good tee shot that disappears over the drop to the green will leave you a shortish pitch to the green from a downhill lie. Letting rip with big boy and expecting to at least progress a good distance towards the hole I ended up some 130yds in front of me. One good thing of my drive was I was on level ground and I could see the green below so letting lose with my rescue wood somehow I managed to end up just short left of the green. I would love to say I walked off with a par but a duffed chip saw the ball roll across the green and down the steep bank on the righthand side leaving a challenging (for me) shot back upto the green. They say 7 is lucky but after this hole I’m disagreeing with them.

Hole 8 – 320yds – Par 4

Leaving trolley off to the left of the 7th green you venture up a steep path to the 8th tee, as you may note your drive needs to be aimed to the right as due to the slope of the 8th fairway everything is going to roll well off to the left leaving a interesting shot to the green. Due to the trees lining the right hand side from the tee the ideal shot is a gentle left to right which is what I went for, not because I know how to shape this shot but it is my normal shot and the ball duly did it’s duty leaving me in the middle of the fairway. From here it is all uphill to the green which for me was a little difficult to see and calculate which club to use even though I have gps allowing for the uphill shot still made me scratch my head so taking good old rescue club I had a go and on approaching the large green found the ball sitting on the back left of the green leaving some 60ft putt which I duly put to bed…….. after 3 putts.

Hole 8.JPG
Hole 9.JPG

Hole 9 – 398yds – Par 4

So onto to the last hole of the first half, from the tee it looks straightforward with the clubhouse in the distance and the green tucked just round the back of the trees on the right. Once again big boy worked and left me on the upslope of the fairway around 180 yds from the green. I had been following two members and on this hole one of them was not only playing a marching game…. Left, right, left, right but was also slow covering the ground between shots. Unbeknown to me this gentleman was in fact over 80yrs old and did only play nine holes so my apologies to him for what I was thinking and if I can play like he did for the previous 8 holes at his age I’ll be more than happy.
Taking my second I duly duffed it and played it into all the trouble on the right just short of the green and although I did get it out in one still struggled to close this hole out, but a good challenging hole this one and I was not upto the challenge today.

Hole 10 – 125yds – Par 3

Aaargh, another par 3 made worse by being uphill with clubhouse directly behind, It is a very good challenging par 3 that will test all players with bunkers waiting at the front of the green, although I had good contact with the ball it had decided not to go to the green and ended up pin high right of the green, still scoring 4 left me happy considering my record on par 3’s

Hole 10.JPG
Hole 11.JPG

Hole 11 – 374yds – Par 4

From the tee your line should be more to the two trees just left of the green in the distance, anything right may well put you in the mire or even lost completely, the ball will bounce/roll out to the right. I ended up right of the fairway but fortunately had a good enough lie to go for the green in two but the result was it did land on the green but rolled over and off the green leaving me just on the edge off the rough. For those who play better than me, which is most of you, you will end up on or near the large green.

Hole 12 – 179yds – Par 3

A par 3 that didn’t fill me with dread as it was so open and the distance is perfect for my rescue wood. There is a bunker to the left and a steep slope off to the right. My well hit tee shot duly drifted off to the right leaving me around 30yds upto the green from a heavy lie, letting rip with my 58 degree wedge I watched happily at first as the ball flew high and straight towards the green, a few seconds later realised it was clearing the green and the bunker leaving a horrible shot back down to the green. Great par 3 but least said about my play on it the better.

Hole 12.JPG
Hole 13.JPG

Hole 13 – 495yds – Par 5

A great long par 5 that big hitters will love, even I enjoyed it aiming at the hump in the distance let rip with a good drive. I must admit it is at this point I lost my way a little, even with my gps showing the hole from where I had ended up I was not sure which line to take to the green and instead of walking 50yds to the top of the hump to see which line I decided to just a gentle knock to the left of it would suffice. Wrong decision as had I checked first I could have gone for the green from where I was with my rescue as it would have cut the corner off and shortened the length of the hole. Even so I still managed to get my third par of the day on this hole and really enjoyed it.

Hole 14 – 475yds – Par 5

A shorter par 5 and virtually straight and open awaits, if you are striking the ball well a par awaits, if like me the body is saying enough I want a bacon butty and rest then the result can be different. I managed to end up in the bunker on the righthand side of the green in 3 but the attempt of getting out of it left me some 20yds the other side of the green, I’m sure you can guess the score on this one.

Hole 14.JPG
Hole 15.JPG

Hole 15 – 172yds – Par 3

And so onto to another par 3, this one looks straightforward and probably is for most players but I’m not one of them. Taking the rescue club I didn’t get it quite right and ended up some 40yds short, I’m sure this hole is longer than what it looks, well that’s my excuse for the day.

Hole 16 – 394yds – Par 4

Another hole that the green is not seen from the tee, it has a gentle right turn and drops down to the green that is tucked into the corner of the course. I aimed just to the left of the marker post in the distance leaving me just on the lefthand side of the fairway just past the post. From hear it was a reasonable distance pitch to the green, but beware as the green is tucked in the corner of the course and there is the boundary wall that is just a few yards from the green going round it and the other side of the wall is the road so not a good idea to overhit this one. Deciding the pitch was not for me I went for a chip with my 7 iron hoping it would roll down the hill and onto the green which it duly did but carried on and rolled just off the back, but better that than watch it go bouncing up the road.

Hole 16.JPG
Hole 17.JPG

Hole 17 – 251yds – Par 4

A short uphill par 4 that dog leg’s right just before the green and many a big hitter will be able to reach from the tee. This is a enjoyable hole that for me after the last few holes I could relax and get another par on.

Hole 18 – 440yds – Par 4

Final hole that is dead straight with no problems except for the bunkers by the green, a good drive and second should leave you on or close to the green which once again a pleasure to putt on.

Hole 18.JPG
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