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Kilworth Springs Golf Club
Played  27.10.2020

Weather & Course Condition

It was a miserable day when I visited Kilworth Springs, misty with light and heavy showers during my round with the occasional bright spot also the wind was variable as well, one minute a strong gusty wind at other times virtually no wind at all. The course itself had undergone a few days of rain but playing it you would never have guessed as there were no wet areas or even soft spots due to the course being constructed on a sandy shale sub base which gives excellent drainage and as such was a joy to play irrespective of the weather conditions and along with the greenstaff’s hard work it is well manicured and looked after so a thank you to them.


From the M1 take exit 20 and head towards Market Harborough, after 4 miles you will come into North Kilworth, turn right for South Kilworth and the course is about ½ mile on your left. Turning into a large car park there is a driving range to your left and the clubhouse will be in front of you with entry to the bar and facilities, the pro shop is accessed by walking past the right of the clubhouse and  is on your left at the front of the clubhouse. Not the largest of pro shops but more than adequately stocked with all you’ll need. I can say that the service in the bar for food and drink was excellent and was quick and efficient even though they had to abide by the Covid-19 restrictions. The course is relatively flat and the 1st tee is just a matter of a few yards in front of the pro shop. I do like to feel comfortable when visiting various clubs and this one certainly made me feel that, very welcoming staff, courteous and chatty greenkeepers and members that made me feel at ease, there was a match on before I teed off and although I was not rushing them they politely invited me to play through which was much appreciated due to the weather and unlike many other times I have been behind 4 balls who will not let you play through each group I came upto let me play through and we had some friendly banter to boot, so a big thank you to all those players. If you are in the locality to this course then take advantage and play here no matter what the weather in fact I will go as far to say make the effort to travel and play here you will not be disappointed.

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Hole 1.jpg

All yardage is from the yellow tee’s
Hole 1 – 349yds – Par 4

The first is a pretty straightforward hole with the driving range lining the hole on the lefthand side of the fairway, there is a fairway bunker on the right and just behind is the green which you can see on the photo if you enlarge it. As I am not one for the warm up routine before a round I never know how the drive is going to go for me, on this occasion it went straight and from the centre of the fairway left me a 9 iron to the green, it should have been a simple pitch but made a bit of a mess of it and it landed on a small mound just to the right front of the green and snuggled down in the grass. Stubbed my attempt to lob it onto the green but did manage to score a 5.

Hole 2 – 141yds – Par 3

A straightforward par 3 with lots of room around the green for any stray shot so not a too difficult hole, for me I used a 8 iron which put me on the front of the green and 2 putts on the green which like all the others here were in great condition and were a pleasure to putt on even though I could not get to grip of the speeds of them.

Hole 2.jpg
Hole 3.jpg

Hole 3 – 494yds – Par 5

The first of five par 5’s at this course, from the tee the fairway drops away from about 200yds out meaning that you can’t see the green from the tee. There are fairway bunkers waiting for your drive but for me they were not an issue as I was playing straight into a very strong wind which meant I had no chance of reaching them. For my second with my 3 wood which could have been struck better still left me about 180yds from the green but at least I could now see the green. Deciding to play my 4 iron because of the wind and would have a lower ball flight the result was quite pleasing as it landed on the front of the green and rolled just passed the hole, then kept on rolling off the back of the green. A great hole and what a challenge when the wind is blowing especially as strong as it was today.

Hole 4 – 414yds – Par 4

A wide open fairway awaits your drive with no real problems but don’t go to far right as players on the 7th may not be too happy. Didn’t hit the best of drives but at least I was in a good position on the fairway, taking my 5 iron and getting a good strike I ended up just a couple feet short of the front of the green, as the hole was only a few feet from the front of the green my putter was chosen to get that elusive birdie……..but it flew away and a par was achieved.

Hole 4.jpg
Hole 5.jpg

Hole 5 – 358yds – Par 4

A short walk along the path brings you to the 5th, straight in front of you is in my words a bomb hole and the fairway rises up past it leaving the green out of sight. For the big hitters it is possible to reach the green in one especially in the summer but even at this time of year you wouldn’t be too far away from it, for the rest of us any shot that clears the bomb hole and leaves you on the fairway will do. For myself this is what happened and my trusty rescue wood from the fairway left me just off the lefthand side of the green. Be aware of any group in front of you when playing this hole, hopefully they will have rung the bell as they approach the green to let you know it’s ok to play.

Hole 6 – 140yds – Par 3

I liked this par 3, from the tee you look down to the green which has two large bunkers waiting for you on both left and right sides at the front of the green. Normally I would have played a 7 iron but having carried around my 6 iron for quite a few rounds and not using it I opted for it, be aware of overhitting the green to much as the bank will eat your ball and hide it in the long undergrowth on it leaving a impossible shot to the green if you manage to find your ball, with this in mind I tried to do just a half swing and hope it would work which it did, a lovely high flight it landed on the green and virtually stopped dead leaving about 25ft putt.

Hole 6.jpg
Hole 7.jpg

Hole 7 – 358yds – Par 4

After walking up a short bank to the tee the fairway stretches out in front waiting for your killer drive. It was at this point the 4 ball invited me to play through as one of their group had put his ball into the long rough to the left. Deciding to tee off with my 4 iron as I can hit this reasonably straight I let rip and was pleased to see it sail off into the distance and ended up just off the fairway on the right. It was at this point I was glad the group had let me play through with them as I had no idea where the green was from here, after they had informed me that the green was just behind the trees in front of me I let rip with my rescue aiming over the tree. Now why is it whenever a group let you through you seem to make such a mess of everything and instead of flying high and straight it ended up doing a Sally Gunnell and progressed around 100yds onto the fairway, the only good thing to come from it was my third with a pitching wedge landed nicely on the green leaving me 2 putts and grateful thanks to the group before going to the next tee.

Hole 8 – 483yds – Par 5

A uphill drive with a slight right turn in the distance to the green which can’t be seen from the tee, for long hitters a good line is over the fairway bunker on the right hand side of the fairway for us lesser mortals we aim up the middle of the fairway hoping for a good result. For me my drive went just off to the right of the fairway and just short of the bunker leaving a blind shot over it, because of the rubbish lie I took a 9 iron to clear the bunker and it left me just a pitching wedge from the green. This green has trouble all around it if you are too far either right or left and overhitting the green is a no-no.

Hole 8.jpg
Hole 9.jpg

Hole 9 – 391yds – Par 4

Through the gap in the hedgerow brings you to the 9th tee which runs parallel to the 1st back towards the clubhouse. The hole is straight until you are alongside the clubhouse where it will turn slightly right and drops to the large green, a  reasonable drive that stays on the fairway could leave you with a opportunity to go for the green which depending on how far you have driven will be either one or two shots away. Having used my 4 iron for the last 2 holes from the tee I decided it was time to return to my driver which duly drifted right and left me at the bottom of a small bank that divides the 1st and 9th fairway, deciding to play safe a simple knock out into the centre of the fairway left about 170 yds to the green. My next shot will stay with me for a long time as taking my 5 iron I hit it the best I’ve ever done and the joy of watching it fly high with a slight draw (not planned I must say) it duly sailed straight to the green and landed softly on the green leaving a simple putt for par, from here on in I didn’t care as that was the shot that made my day.

Hole 10 – 516yds – Par 5

A par 5 which drops down to the green and has the course boundary running all the way down the right hand side of the hole, it was at this tee I met the next four ball who very kindly let me play through so taking my 4 iron and hoping not to make myself look a bigger hacker than I am I let rip, fortunately it wasn’t to bad a drive even though it ended up in the bunker that awaits on the right of the fairway, a simple knock out left me around 210 yds to the front of the green, now for some reason instead of taking my 3 wood I decided on using my 4 iron, probably because of my previous success with a 5 on the previous hole I let rip and duly watched as my topped shot veered left some 125yds in front of me, well it probably gave the 4 ball that let me play some amusement, at least my pitching wedge didn’t let me down by landing on the green and two putting at least left me only one over.

Hole 10.jpg
Hole 11.jpg

Hole 11 – 146yds – Par 3

A good par 3 this one with a couple of bunkers just to the front right of it and not a lot of room behind, as long as you hit a straight shot even if it is a little short will still leave you with a chance of par, for me my drive just cleared both bunkers but a messed up chip shot left me some 25ft short of the hole so another dropped shot recorded here.

Hole 12 – 412yds – Par 4

For the not so confident drivers like me this is a bit of a daunting tee shot, around a hundred yard carry over water and between two large trees the other side about another 125yds further on the hole turns left to the green, deciding to attempt a drive with my 4 iron again I took aim and let rip, although I didn’t get the height I’d have liked it did go straight and cleared the water and through the gap between the trees landing some 30yds the far side of the water. Chancing my luck again I selected a 7 iron and took on the corner but as I didn’t have a good strike although it cleared the bank on the lefthand side it dropped short of the fairway and landed in long rough. For the more accomplished golfer you will enjoy this challenging hole if not it’s more than a challenge especially if your not having a great day but should you get a par or even a bogey on this one will be a great result.

Hole 12.jpg
Hole 13.jpg

Hole 13 – 360yds – Par 4

A straight hole this one with the 14th fairway running back up the right of it and water on the left running down the left from the tee for about half the way down the fairway can leave a daunting tee shot, my drive drifted slightly right leaving me on top of a mound between the fairways, a second progressed me some 100yds further on into the middle of the fairway. From here the large green awaits with bunker waiting to the right which my approach shot landed in but a reasonable shot out of it left me in the middle of the green.

Hole 14 – 335yds – Par 4

For me this was a hole to forget, once again it was straight to the green in the distance, my duffed drive was well short of the two large trees you can see in the photo, my second wasn’t much better and landed just to the right of a couple of trees that are beyond the first two. With no shot into the green due to the low branches from the tree I was under I was left with a punch shot with my 3 wood and hope it would produce a reasonable result, as it was it came off better than expected and ended up just short of the green.

Hole 14.jpg
Hole 15.jpg

Hole 15 – 458yds – Par 5

It was at this hole I met another 4 ball who once again kindly let me play through, once again I must thank all these players as its not often you find so many true gents that do this. From the tee the hole bears slightly left and upto the green in the distance which you will need to have a reasonable approach shot too as long rough awaits around it. A reasonable tee shot left me well short of any outside chance of getting close to the green for my second, not hitting a great 3 wood for my second I only progressed about 140yds but at least I was still on the fairway then getting out my trusty rescue wood which again didn’t let me down left me pin high on top of the bank that surrounds the green and was sitting in a good spot left me with a pitch and two putt to complete this hole, although another bogey was recorded this is one par 5 that is not too difficult for the higher handicapper.

Hole 16 – 384yds – Par 4

From a slightly raised tee the green can be seen in the distance, in front of you is water and bushes but should not cause to much of a problem unless you really duff one, what you do need to be aware of is too the left of the fairway the ground rises and was covered in reasonably long rough, at least it was when I played, too far right will put you on the 17th fairway and if you should clear that then reload as you have just lost your ball. This is no excuse but I’m using it, having played for 3 consecutive day’s and being windswept all day I was starting to feel tired and this was reflected in my tee shot that unusually went left and landed on the bank so all I could do was try and get the ball back on the fairway which I duly didn’t do but did progress it some 100yds further on but just off the left of the fairway. The green is on a slightly raised plateaux and you will not want to overhit the green here.

Hole 16.jpg
Hole 17.jpg

Hole 17 – 379yds – Par 4

Straightforward hole this one, slightly uphill from the tee with trouble all down the left hand side you will need a long enough drive so that you will be able to see the green for your second, but if like me this is not possible I do strongly suggest that you take a walk up the fairway to see what line you want as there is trouble all round, if you overhit the green you will most likely have a lost ball but more importantly there are two large trees directly in front of the green one of which is middle front of the green and should you try to go over it there is a high chance you will be over the back of the green. My drive left me well short of the top of the rise and on the left of the fairway so opting for a 5 iron I ended up just to the right of the middle fairway about 100yds short of the green. Now comes the hard part of this hole, to get close to the flag I would need to go over the trees as the hole was on the righthand side of the green but the chance of doing that and staying on the green are about the same as me winning the jackpot on the lottery, so taking the safer option I played for the left of the green and ended up 3 putting.

Hole 18 – 174yds – Par 3

Wow what a finishing hole this one, only a par 3 but with a carry over water and the green another 75yds further to the front of it on another raised plateaux coupled with one tired aching body means this is the hole that could ruin a good card. Deciding on club selection was the hard part, a good hit with the driver would be too much, as the body was struggling I didn’t feel confident with my 4 iron which left me selecting my rescue wood which if well struck would easily clear the water and on the green and if not should leave me near the front of the green, however it was not well struck and it ended up just on the edge of the water some 85yds short of the front of the green leaving a stance whereby if I lose balance would most likely leave me having a dip in the water. There was no need to worry though as my pitch landed on the front right of the green leaving me to two putt to finish my round.
A most enjoyable day even though the weather was not the best to play golf in but the great condition of the course which can’t be faulted and the hospitality of the club officials, greenkeepers and members made this a most memorable experience.

Hole 18.jpg

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