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Cosby Golf Club
Played  11.08.2020

Weather & Course Condition

Another very hot and humid day, the type of weather that sucks your energy out of you and here I am playing a round of golf.

Fortunately this course is reasonably level which helped me cope with the conditions, the course was in very good condition and the greenkeepers have certainly done a very good job with excellent greens and I noted that they are doing a number of projects to keep this course in tip top condition, I did like the new bridge they have built just before the 17th green reminiscence of the bridge on the 18th at St Andrews.


This is a little gem of a course nestled in the Leicestershire countryside located between Lutterworth & Blaby, I approached it on the A426 from Lutterworth, turning left at the traffic lights at Dutton Bassett I passed through Broughton Astley then turned right at the traffic lights following the signs to Cosby, the course is on the right as soon as you pass the 30mph signs for Cosby, the car park is not too large but I had no problems at all in parking. A short walk from the car park past the 1st tee brought me to the pro shop/reception where a lovely young lady gave me a very friendly welcome and answered all my questions professionally. The pro shop was well equipped and appeared to give good value for money. The only hiccup on the day was there was no food or drink available and I was dying for a bacon bap and cup of tea, but I will point out we had just come out of lockdown and they did not open until 11am so had I booked a later tee time my needs would have been met. On the day of my round they were holding a ladies event and all the members I met were very sociable and friendly in fact the 4 ball ladies group who had the tee time prior to mine allowed me to take their slot which gave me a clear run for my round of which I was very appreciative, thank you ladies.

If you are looking for a relaxing round of golf on a relatively easy but challenging course with excellent facilities then Cosby G C is more than worth a visit.

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Hole 1.JPG

All yardage is from the yellow tee’s
Hole 1 – 301yds – Par 4

From the tee a straight forward drive is all that’s required, as long as you can reach the corner of the fairway where it bears to the left is a good result, overhit and you may end up in the hedgerow in the distance which will leave either a dropped shot or a awkward second. For the more confident drivers taking on the trees just to the left of fairway and clearing them will leave you with a short pitch to the green. For myself I ended just a few yards short of the aforementioned hedgerow, from this position I could not see the green but could just make out the top of the flag so taking a 8 iron I let rip however unbeknown to me there is a bunker to the front right of the green which my ball duly found. Good starting hole not to difficult but a little challenging.

Hole 2 – 352yds – Par 4

After a short walk upto the 2nd tee from the 1st you will be looking down the tree lined fairway to the green in the distance, no problems on the hole as long as you keep out of the trees. On this and the next few holes the fairways have furrows crossing them which feels like you are walking on a big dipper as you walk down the fairway and if your ball is not on the top of one of these furrows you will not see it until you are close to it. I managed a reasonable drive and my second left me just short of the large green.

Hole 2.JPG
Hole 3.JPG

Hole 3 – 414yds – Par 4

From the tee this drive will raise no issues if you can consistently drive straight as it looks like a narrow tunnel with trees lining both sides, for those who can’t you are just hoping for a result that will leave you with a reasonable second shot. The hole turns slightly to the right some 160yds out, my drive reached this turn but went into the trees on the right, once found I luckily had a reasonable lie without to much trouble directly in front of me. Giving the rescue wood a good swing left me some 50yds short of the green on the lefthand side of the fairway. Selecting my sand wedge  for my 3rd the ball duly soared high and straight to the green and landed just on the front but rolled just passed the hole then off the back of the green, must have rolled as far as it was airbourne, I know the green’s were fast but must learn to get some check on my pitch’s.

Hole 4 – 355yds – Par 4

You can see in the photo the furrows I was mentioning in the previous hole also you will note the fairway is wide with no real issues unless you really go offline into the trees from the tee. Managed to send my drive straight down the middle and the ball ended up on the up slope of one of the furrows leaving me a 3 wood to the green, so glad it didn’t stop on the down side of a furrow. Ending up just short of the green I duly went and thinned my chip and watched it cross the green at some rate of knots straight into the bunker, under normal circumstances my thoughts would be unprintable but my luck was with me today as there was something else in the bunker, namely a greenkeeper who kindly pointed out that the bunker was GUR due the maintenance work he was doing in it even though he was some 20yds away from me, must remember this one for the future.

Hole 4.JPG
Hole 5.JPG

Hole 5 – 303yds – Par 4

A very short par 4 this one as long as you stay on the fairway with your drive which I managed to do, my drive ended up on the righthand side some 120yds short of the green which is tucked into a corner of the course and slightly downhill, there are some bunkers around the green but as long as you don’t overhit or pull your shot to far left all should be good.

Hole 6 – 373yds – Par 4

Straightforward hole this one, as like most of them here if your drive is on the fairway there is not too much trouble but like all high handicappers a consistent straight drive is like winning the lottery, my drive duly went into the trees on the right and this time all I could do was knock it out leaving me 140yds to the green. Normally I would use a easy 7 iron for this one but today for some reason I selected my 8 iron, bad move as trying to give it that little bit extra the shot did go pin high but ended up some 15yds right of the green leaving a bunker between me and the hole. Just concentrating on a simple pitch over the bunker onto the green which I duly completed the ball then rolled into the bunker on the far side, those damn fast greens grrrrr.

Hole 6.JPG
Hole 7.JPG

Hole 7 – 381yds – Par 4

Surprisingly I enjoyed this hole, not just because I parred it but when you get to the dog leg right with your drive (hopefully you did do this) looking towards the green which has a small pond just in front on the left of it makes you think a little on which club to use. My Garmin was telling me it was 189yds to the front but from where I stood it didn’t look that far and ignoring my GPS decided to go with my rescue wood, what a idiot I am, although I did have a good clean strike I ended up some 30yds short but as I said still got par.

Hole 8 – 189yds – Par 3

This is the sort of hole that separates the higher handicappers from the rest, a long par 3 where the higher handicapper would probably select their driver but as we are all aware it could end up anywhere, selecting my 3 wood I was certain I wouldn’t reach the green but at least I was reasonable optimistic that it would be straight which it was leaving me around 10yds short of the green and what should have been a par result ended up 1 over, once again caught out by the quick greens I was left with a 8ft putt and didn’t give it enough.

Hole 8.JPG
Hole 9.JPG

Hole 9 – 517yds – Par 5

Nice long par 5 and as long as you stay out of the woods a enjoyable hole, my drive did go a little to the right leaving me with no decent 2nd due to a few low branches just in front of me so a punch with my 3 wood saved me but still I was left with a good 220yds uphill to the green. Be wary of the bunker that is cleverly positioned on the righthand side of the fairway waiting for your second shot, for myself another 2 was taken to get onto the green.

Hole 10 – 119yds – Par 3

A short par 3 with the green below you and nothing really to worry about as long as you don’t overhit the green by too much. Ever had one of those days when you decide to use a certain club because you have been carrying it around for a long time and never used it, well this happened to me on this one, I have a 65 degree wedge that I hadn’t used for a while and decided this was the time to use it, normally I can progress a ball high and about 60yds with it but as it was downhill decided now is the time for it to come out. Whether by luck or a good strike the ball went high and straight and ended just on the front of the green.

Hole 10.JPG
Hole 11.JPG

Hole 11 – 501yds – Par 5

Another long par 5 to enjoy without to much trouble, or so it seems, if you enlarge the photo you will note a fairway bunker in the distance on the righthand side waiting for your ball and I duly didn’t want to let it down and drove straight into it leaving the ball plugged well in it, managed to get out in 1 but could only progress about 40yds down the fairway. A good 3 wood left me with what should be a simple pitch onto the green but somehow I manage to knock it to the right and left the ball right at the base of a tree on the right of the green, I suppose it was some sort of result as I did miss all the bunkers on that side as well. Scored a six on this one which was a good result for me considering how I played it.

Hole 12 – 422yds – Par 4

You need to cross the road to play the next 5 holes

Looks a relatively easy hole this one but if you note on the scorecard it is S.I. 1 and there must be a reason for it, looks a simple drive as long as you don’t go right leaving a long second to the large green, what could go wrong. Well I’ll tell you, my drive drifted right fortunately not going into the hedgerow but ending up on the side of a track that runs between the long rough and the hedgerow. Not a good second left me in the rough some 80yds further on then my third disappeared into the trees on the left of the green, after another 3 shots the ball disappeared in the hole, now I know why it’s a SI 1 or was it just me being rubbish.

Hole 12.JPG
Hole 13.JPG

Hole 13 – 387yds – Par 4

Well after the last hole this one should be a lot easier as long as you end up on the fairway which I managed to do and in the middle to boot, after making such a mess on the last hole it was nice to get par on this one.

Hole 14 – 177yds – Par 3

A longish par 3 that is dead straight but trouble if you go left or right, using my 3 wood I unusually pushed it right but as the overgrowth is cut back as you near the green I found the ball and had a reasonable 2nd from here. There was a bunker between myself and the flag so deciding after such a rubbish drive to just knock it up to the left of the bunker and see what happens, as the green was well above me from where I was the result was a joy when I got up there as my ball had managed to get on the green and had rolled around towards the hole leaving a short putt, a most unexpected but pleasing result.

Hole 14.JPG
Hole 15.JPG

Hole 15 – 371yds – Par 4

It was at this tee that the heat and no wind was starting to take effect, but on this tee there was a small welcomed breeze and as the following group was at least a hole behind me I decided to take a short break and enjoy the view of the Leicestershire countryside. After 5 mins I prepared for my drive, there is a tree in the fairway so taking aim left of the tree I let rip and the ball duly ended up on the fairway just passed the tree but on the right of it. With the green waiting in the distance from where I was a bunker that protects the right of the green came into play but for once I didn’t visit it.

Hole 16 – 364yds – Par 4

This hole is a dog leg right and big hitters can take on the corner leaving a short pitch to the green, for the rest of us there is a marker post to aim at that is well positioned on the left of the fairway and my advice is to go for it and not do as I did and aimed between the post and the bunker on the right as my drive duly ended up once again in the bunker, from here the hole is blocked out by the group trees so all I could do was knock it out and up the fairway some 60yds leaving a pitch and putt into the hole.

Hole 16.JPG
Hole 17.JPG

Hole 17 – 360yds – Par 4

Re-crossing the road brings you to the 17th which is a dead straight hole and once again as long as your drive doesn’t go into the trees may leave you in range of the green for your second. Now this is where things get interesting as if you haven’t played here before you may not be aware that there is a dip in front of the green with a small leat at the bottom of it as it is not visible from the fairway, or at least for me it wasn’t. Watching my second head towards the green then see it bounce then disappear I remembered the young lady in the pro shop informing of the new bridge that had been built on this hole then the realisation came in that there must be a dip here and the bridge is there. On reaching the dip I realised this is what happened and when I couldn’t find my ball I checked out the leat but no ball found, I was just about to make a drop when I saw I little bit of white in some longer grass just close to the bridge and fortunately once again it was my ball so with a simple pitch upto the green I managed to get another par. As a footnote to this hole the bridge they have built here is a little beauty just like the one on the 18th at St Andrews and I suspect they’ll be a few players doing a Jack Nicholson impression here.

Hole 18 – 346yds – Par 4

I have to admit the heat was causing me some discomfort at this stage and standing on this tee and seeing it’s a good carry to the fairway didn’t help even knowing that normally I would make it without too much effort but the body was just about to give up so I was most impressed when I hit the best drive of the day leaving 130yds to the front of green which had bunkers protecting it on both sides. Deciding I didn’t have enough energy to make a full swing I opted for a long chip and run with my 8 iron as it took less effort and the result left me just a few feet short of the green and although the hole was no more than six foot away I was still happy to get down in 2 from here.


I must apologise to the club for not going into the clubhouse after my round for something to eat and drink like I normally would but after the short walk from the 18th to my car I knew I was on the verge of suffering from heatstroke so reaching the car I immediately put on the air-con so once I’d changed and put everything away it was relief to get into a ice-cold car and finish the last of the liquid I had. A huge thank you to the club and I would love to go back and play it again and certainly encourage others to play here.

Hole 18.JPG

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