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Whitefields Golf Club
Played 02.09.2017

Weather & Course Condition

Couldn’t ask for better conditions on the day of my visit, Hot and sunny with very little wind which resulted in the course being in A1 condition, a well-manicured course with good smooth greens.


Entering the drive to the clubhouse from the East bound side of the A45 you drive down the short drive you will see the putting green in front of you and the large building complex which is also a hotel. Car parking is limited at the front but follow the overflow car park signs will take you to a park area just past the hotel guest rooms. The pro shop is located just beyond the hotel complex to the left of it by the driving bays and changing room. As to be expected from a well organised club they have a good range of stock along with snacks and drinks. From here a short walk down the path will take you to the first tee and to the left of it is a pitching and bunker practise area. This course is worth a visit as it is challenging for all players no matter what your handicap but not too hard that it will demoralise you also the views over Draycote water are wonderful.

Hole 1.jpg

All yardage is from the yellow tee’s
Hole 1 – Par 4 – 340yds

From the tee the hole has a slight dog-leg left with trouble all down the left you need a good drive up the centre, a prudent move for us high handicappers is to forgo the distance for the accuracy as your second shot is straightforward to a large green so be happy to get on in 3.

Hole 2 – Par 4 – 302yds

This one was probably my favourite hole, from the tee you will see a group of bushes and just past these the fairway turns right. Another hole to make you think about what to use on the tee, for the big hitters a good drive over the bushes can get you very close to the green, for myself a 3 wood was my weapon of choice and managing to get over the bushes left me a straightforward shot to the large green that will be slightly below you. There is not too much trouble around the green so this hole is good for a par or even a birdie for all of us.

Hole 2.jpg
Hole 3.jpg

Hole 3 – Par 4 – 278yds

A short uphill par 4 with plenty of room, however they have craftily put a fairway bunker on the right of the fairway and I suspect it has caught many a ball, to the right there is a pond so clearing the bunker will take the pond out of play should you go up the right. With all things being good this will leave you a simple second to the green but if you are a little wayward with your approach shot there is plenty of room around it.

Hole 4 – Par 4 – 331yds

From the tee the hole turns slightly right, with plenty of room out to the left there should not be too much trouble as long as you don’t drift right. Once past the dog left the green is protected well by bunkers to the left and right of it but a straight approach will leave you in a good position even if you don’t get on the green.

Hole 4.jpg
Hole 5.jpg

Hole 5 – Par 3 – 191yds

The first par 3, good club selection is required here as there are bunkers around the green and about 30yds in front of it so decide if you want to lay up and go for the pitch or to go for it, in my case the 3 wood was selected and I duly put it in the greenside bunker, however as the bunkers here are well managed even I could get out of it on to the green but less said about the three putt’s taken once there.

Hole 6 – Par 4 - 435yds

From this tee the view for us hit and hopers is a little daunting with trouble both left and right, it appears to be a narrow opening for us, the hole is a dog leg right and once you have made the dog leg on the fairway the green is waiting in the distance and the worst of this hole is behind you, I walked off the green with a six but considering I played pinball in the trees on the right I was quite happy.

Hole 6.jpg
Hole 7.jpg

Hole 7 – Par 4 – 445yds

A long par 4 this one, or at least for me it was, a driver is called for on this one with a generous fairway ahead not too much problem here unless you manage to hit a long straight one that could leave you in the bushes or if you push one right where you may end up OOB. The fairway kinks slightly left and around 50yds from the green it kinks slightly right meaning you may not be able to see the green when making your 2nd/3rd shot. Once round the right kink the large green awaits, I managed a 5 on this one but a 6 would still have left me happy so anyone who does get a par my hats off to you.

Hole 8 – Par 5 – 448yds

A straightforward hole this one, as long as you don’t go off the fairway with your shots then no problem but should you wander then it can be in the lap of the gods. This green is like a large long but narrow kidney bean shape but once on it putting is a dream as it rolled true and straight when I played.

Hole 8.jpg
Hole 9.jpg

Hole 9 – Par 4 – 357yds

If you are hitting straight shots then this tee shot will not bother you, if not then you may have a problem, aiming at the conical shaped bush is the line with a slight fade would be perfect, but wait what am I saying for us it’s a  hit and ask your partners where did it go, this hole could make a mess of your card. Once around the dog leg the green is large without too much of a problem and don’t feel down if you get a cricket score on this one you are not alone.

Hole 10 – Par 3 – 183yds

Straight forward one this one, either go for the green and run the risk of the bunker waiting for you in front of it or play short of the bunker and go for a up and down for par.

Hole 10.jpg
Hole 11.jpg

Hole 11 – Par 4 – 330yds

This has to be my second favourite hole as it suits my tee shots perfectly, from the tee you will see a large tree in the distance, that should be your line as the hole does turn right just past the bushes on the right of the fairway to a green that is not seen from the tee. Big hitters will most likely go over these bushes and once over them will be set nicely for a pitch onto the green, for myself my tee shots go off slightly to the right anyway so aiming at the large tree in the distance my shot turned nicely round these bushes and down the fairway. Once you get round the corner you will find another large tree in the fairway, if you are on the righthand side then it will not be an issue but if you are to the left of centre you will need to decide do I go over or under. Once passed the tree the green awaits and there is not too much trouble to worry about.

Hole 12 – Par 4 – 320yds

You will not see the green from the tee as it is tucked round the corner on the left and below you, should you decide to drive down the left a bunker awaits, there is plenty of room down the middle and to the right, once again a 3 wood called out for me and resulted in a perfect spot for the second to the green, shame I duffed the second but as the green is below you it still rolled down close to it, beware of over hitting the green as you may have to retrieve another ball out of your bag.

Hole 12.jpg
Hole 13.jpg

Hole 13 – Par 4 – 376yds

This is one hole you will need to get the driver out, the fairway is wide and dips down then up again away from you and there is a little trouble on the left but a good strike should clear all this. Your second will be a long shot down the fairway which slopes from right to left so aim down the right hand side to the green in the distance which I suspect only the lower handicappers can reach in two. Loads of room around the green so no problems on the approach shot.

Hole 14 – Par 5 – 456yds

A short par 5 this one, a good drive will leave a shot to the green with a fairway wood and even though you will not reach it an easy wedge or 9 iron should get you there. Although the fairway is wide there is trouble to the left and right of it.

Hole 14.jpg
Hole 15.jpg

Hole 15 – Par 4 – 249yds

From the tee this looks like a short par 4 and you will think if I hit a good drive I could get near it, but beware there is a lot of trouble on this one with water on the left just short of the green and more on the right nearer to you, there is no room for errors on this one. Just get a good drive off down the middle of this one and with luck you will be on the fairway some 75yds out leaving a pitch up to the green and taking the water out of play, but as we all know where there’s water it plays in the mind and quite often the ball goes for a bath.

Hole 16 – Par 3 – 174yds

Nice downhill par 3 this one with trouble and most likely lost ball if you over hit the green and with a brook running across the fairway makes it feel like a small target. Promising to make offerings to the golf gods I hit a rescue wood then watched it soar off into the distance gently drawing round and landing on the green. (where are the spectator’s when you hit these shots?) If you are not feeling confident you can play short and go for the pitch onto the green and still stand a chance to get par.

Hole 16.jpg
Hole 17.jpg

Hole 17 – Par 4 – 302yds

From the tee it can be a little confusing to work out what your line should be, in front of you there is a conical bush and the line is just to the right of this, even I found getting onto the green in two is possible but there was a big hitter in the group behind who was just a couple of yards short of the green from the tee so a birdie is a possibility on this one.

Hole 18 – Par 4 – 324yds

There are If like me you are worn out by this time the 18th could be a daunting shot, wanting to hit a good drive and seeing the fairway sloping right to left with OOB on the left I had everything crossed (fingers, eyes, legs) and let rip as much as my body would let me and surprise surprise landed on the left of the fairway some 200yds away. This fairway is wide and as long as you stay on it you are in a good position irrespective of what distance you’ve hit. From the left of the fairway you need to aim to the right hand side of the green where there are bunkers waiting but unless you hit it really well they should not come into play.

Hole 18.jpg
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