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Broadway G.C.

Weather & Course Condition

My tee time was 0730hrs and I arrived at 0650hrs after driving up from Devon, sitting in the car park and looking out over the course was a joy, lovely early fresh bright sunshine with no wind and the early morning dew covering the well manicured course was a joy and made me eager to get out there to play. The course itself was in great condition and their groundkeepers can take a lot of credit for that, well manicured and all the holes following the natural contours of the land especially the 5th and 6th which not only two great challenging holes but a reminder to how holes would have looked and played in the early days of the game.


Broadway Golf Club is a 1895 club and sits on escarpment near the village of Willersey and boasts great views over the whole area with views across to the Malverns and the Black Mountains so if your golf is not upto scratch you will appreciate the views especially if the weather was the same as the day I visited. On the route I took to the course I did not see any signs showing the way but my satnav took me straight there and turning into the large car park I was greeted with a great looking clubhouse in front. (there is a overflow car park on the other side of the lane from the course)

I was joined on my round by the club’s Marketing Director David Patten for the first nine holes and my thanks to him for joining me and making me feel at home along with all the other members I met on the day. The course itself is a fair challenge to all levels of golfers and with the exception of the 5th & 6th holes which are a challenge any higher handicapper will most certainly enjoy.

After my round I enjoyed a meal in the lovely clubhouse and not only was it excellent the service was so quick and it was great value for money.

This is one course I intend to play again and would highly recommend you to visit, even if not to play golf but sit in the clubhouse and have a lovely meal and take in the wonderful panoramic views.

Hole 1.JPG

Hole by Hole Analysis
All yardage is from the yellow tee’s
Hole 1 – 487yds – Par 5

A short walk along the path from the car park past the putting green brings you to the first tee, from here the fairway stretches off in front of you and turns slightly left, be aware of players on the 9th as  your drive will be crossing over the their fairway. I would love to say my first drive of the day was a good one, but in fact I pulled it left leaving me taking my second about 70yds in front of the tee, not the best of starts however my second with a 7 wood saved my embarrassment and progressed 160yds up the fairway. The green is tucked away in the distance and is blind but I was glad to have David with me who gave me the line and informed me of the two bunkers protecting the green, one to the left and the other on the right. With this info my pitch found the left bunker but as a surprise I did manage a up and down so was more than pleased with a bogey after the rubbish start I had.

Hole 2 – 261yds – Par 4

The second is a straightforward shorter par 4 and I must apologise for my photo as I did forget to take it from the tee and actually took this one from the side of the 4th green. Hitting a good drive down the fairway which was subsequently spoilt by my second getting pulled left and overshooting the green leaving me in the long rough. If you found the 1st a challenge to start with this hole should settle you down as a par or better is easily achieved (as long as you don’t follow my example)

Hole 2.jpg
Hole 3.jpg

Hole 3 – 406yds – Par 4

As can be seen this is a lovely looking hole, no major issues to worry about clear the wall and keep out of the trees and you should record a good score. A good drive and my second with a 3 wood left me just short of the large green, having just taken ownership of a couple of new wedges I was more than pleased to see my pitch land on the green and roll towards the hole leaving me a putt of around 10ft which I duly holed out, my first par of the day.

Hole 4 – 500yds – Par 5

From the tee a wide open fairway awaits your drive with the green unseen in the distance close to the 2nd tee. A reasonable drive followed by a duffed 3 wood but a saving 3rd shot with my 7 wood left me around 30yds short right of the green, there is a bunker on the front right of the large green and another large one to the left of the green.

Hole 4.jpg
Hole 5.jpg

Hole 5 – 170yds – Par 3

David informed me that this is their signature hole, from the tee you look down at the green below which is protected by 2 bunkers to the right and a large on the left of the green. I admit I dithered on club selection here, ideally for me it is a six iron but I was worried that a good strike could cause me to overshoot the green and I could be in a lot of trouble behind it or even a lost ball, so deciding an my 7 iron, I did try to hit it harder than I normally would have and duly duffed it finding the bunker just to the front right of the green. Having found one of my new wedges was working well in bunkers I was pleased to see the ball come out and leave me with a chance of par……. Nope I missed the putt and scored a one over. What a great hole would have loved to gone back to the tee and had another go, I can see why it’s the signature hole.

Hole 6 – 356yds – Par 4

From the tee I had no idea of the correct line as the fairway rises up ahead with large humps to the right and to the left a drop down into the rough. For the big hitters a line over the humps would be a good choice otherwise aim at the black and white post and hope you don’t wander too far off line. Taking aim at the post I managed to sky my drive and it went slightly right leaving me just at the top of the first hump. Even from here I was unable to see the green so taking my rescue I managed to progress some 150yds leaving me only 50yds short of the green in light rough. This green is large and tucked in a corner with hedgerows to the rear and right of it, your approach needs to either go in the hole or must be left short of the hole as the green does fall from back to front and it is quite a steep fall and you will have to have you’re A putting game. My pitch was pin high but just off the green on the right, today the pin was on the righthand side and I was happy to see my putt just miss the hole but at least it didn’t roll to far down the green leaving a putt of around 6ft uphill which I managed to hole out.

Hole 6.jpg
Hole 7.jpg

Hole 7 – 293yds – Par 4

A nice looking hole this one, with the green tucked into the corner in the distance which would encourage the big drivers to have a go at but there are bunkers to the front of the raised green on both sides. For me I managed to drive around 170yds into the left hand side of the fairway, a well struck pitching wedge should have got me on the green but instead ended up in the left hand bunker, fortunately my bunker shot’s today had been going well and did so again here just wish my putting was as good seeing as it took me 3 putts to hole out.

Hole 8 – 117yds – Par 3

What a great little par 3 this one is, I find shorter par 3’s like this are more of a challenge than the long ones which tend to favour the lower handicappers but short ones like this with trouble to the left and back of the green are more of a challenge for all levels of golfers. Torn between a wedge and 9 iron I opted for the 9 as it was uphill as well, surprisingly I struck it better than I have done for a while and took great delight in watching it sail straight and high to the green. On walking to the green it was good to see my ball had rolled to the rear of the green leaving a long putt of around 18yds so was even more pleased to walk of this green with a par.

Hole 8.jpg

Hole 9 – 399yds – Par 4

A wide fairway with trees lining the left hand side that gently goes up to raised green in front of the clubhouse, another great looking hole that will suit all golfers. There is one exception to that statement and that was me, my drive was a disaster and only managed to progress some 90yds and didn’t even make the fairway, least said about the rest of my play on this hole the better but suffice to say my pitch into the raised green appeared to be perfect but unbeknown to me the green steeply slopes on the front part from back to front and annoyingly I watched my ball roll all the way back down the green and off. Once I had managed to get my ball to stay on the green it still took 3 more to hole out due to all the contours of the green. Believe it or not even though I scored more on this hole than any of the others I really would like to play it again and I love playing on challenging greens like this one.

Hole 10 – 488yds – Par 5

For the back nine I lost my playing partner David as he had other business to attend so I let the 4 ball play through as it would give me some idea of where to go. As can be seen in the photo this hole has a huge wide fairway that goes uphill from the tee, not being the longest of drivers I progressed around 160yds up the fairway which I followed up with a poorly struck 3 wood then a 7 wood that left me around 90yds short right of the green. With a large bunker to the right of the green will leave you with the option of a chip or a pitch whichever you feel comfortable with, I normally go for the chip but this time decided on a pitch with my new 60 degree wedge and was more than pleased with the result leaving me about 2yds past the hole, ok I did 2 putt but to drop just one stroke here was a good result for me.

Hole 10.jpg
Hole 11.jpg

Hole 11 – 262yds – Par 4

Another great looking hole this one especially on a nice summer’s day like this, with trees all down the right and what appears to be a narrow fairway although it does open out slightly on the left hand side some 120yds from the tee. The green in the distance has a couple of bunkers to the left of it and there is a fairway bunker on the right side of the fairway some 75yds short of the green which I duly found with my drive. Landing on the green with my second I sadly recorded another 3 putt, it’s been a long time since I’d 3 putted so many times in a round.

Hole 12 – 297yds – Par 4

The green can’t be seen from this tee but it is in the distance and you may be able to see the flag had it been a yellow but as it was a red one I was unable to make it out. As can be seen a reasonably wide fairway but all down the left is well established trees and bushes which mark the boundary of the course and to the right are plenty of well established trees. Unusually for me my drive went left and caught the branches of the bushes leaving me some 190yds to the green from the rough. For no known reason I opted for a 4 iron instead of my rescue wood which I normally use and was more than happy to watch it soar to the green even though it landed in the bunker to the right of the green.

Hole 12.jpg
Hole 13.jpg

Hole 13 – 171yds – Par 3

A good uphill par 3 with OOB to the left and trees to the right but as you near the green there is a little more room to the  left and right should you be a little wayward. I opted for my 6 iron which wasn’t the best option as I knew it was well on my limit so I tried giving it some welly and duly made a mess of it only progressing around 140yds and leaving me on the right in the rough, my pitch from here did save me as it ended up pin high just off the right side of the green. A good testing hole this one and club selection is critical if I was to play this again it would definitely be a 5 iron and I’d just concentrate on a easy swing and good strike, isn’t hindsight a great way to play golf.

Hole 14 – 351yds – Par 4

From the tee the fairway rises and there is a mature tree in the right side of the fairway, the green is out of sight but there is a marker pole to aim for, once there you will see the green below you. Not being the longest of drivers I am trying to keep my drives on the fairway and not drift off to the right as they normally do and lately this has happened, so my intention on this drive was to get somewhere near to the marker post in the middle of the fairway. So taking a easy swing I surprised myself to see the ball go perfectly straight and disappear over the top of the rise just to the right of the marker post. Walking up to the top of the rise I saw my ball some way in the distance leaving me a simple pitch of just under 100yds to the green, that drive of around 255yds is the shot I’m taking with me and will always remember Broadway for, not only the longest I’ve ever hit but the shape of it was perfect, would love to do this everytime.

Hole 14.jpg
Hole 15.jpg

Hole 15 – 269yds – Par 4

A shorter par 4 that big hitters can reach from the tee but only if they know the line as the green is not visible from the tee, my drive barely got to the top of the hill and my pitch into the green left me just off the green on the right luckily there are no bunkers on this hole and I managed to walk off with a par.

Hole 16 – 456yds – Par 4

Simple hole this one, aim straight down the middle of the fairway through the wide gap in the wall then the hole turns to the right with the green below close to the clubhouse. Even though there is no real trouble on this hole I managed to push my drive to the right and ended up in the group of trees on the far side of the wall to the right. After a good root around I manage to find my ball that had covered itself with leaves, from it’s lie there was no line to take towards the tee so taking my medicine I got back onto the fairway which still left me 190yds to the green. Opting for the 6 iron I landed to the right in the long grass about 14yds from the green, so after a pitch and a couple of putt’s walking off with a 6 wasn’t too bad a result for me.

Hole 16.jpg
Hole 17.jpg

Hole 17 – 342yds – Par 4

From the tee with the clubhouse behind you the fairway does look narrow with trees lining the right side and a few more to the left, the green is once again not visible but there is a marker post on the left of the fairway to aim for. If like me you haven’t the greatest of confidence in your driving skills this hole will definitely test you. My drive although it wasn’t my best did land on the right of the fairway then rolled into the rough alongside the trees, from this spot I still couldn’t see the green but as the ball was below my feet I thought a good 3 wood should turn left to right and be somewhere near the green. Letting rip with the 3 wood the ball did as hoped and turned left to right and ended just short of the green…..well it would have done had the green been around 40yds to the right of where it was, in fact I’d gone that far right I was nearly playing off the 18th tee. A pitch and a couple of putts gave me a bogey, I’m so glad I bought these wedges as my pitching is coming on leaps and bounds so if you struggle with your pitching maybe give these ineos wedges a whirl, I find they throw the ball high and land softly and I’m getting a little check with them as well.

Hole 18 – 345yds – Par 4

The fairway gentle rises upto the green in the distance with trees lining the right but well open to the left and the large green that is on a bit of a plateau in front of the clubhouse with a bunker to front left and right. I would love to say tiredness came into play on this hole but in fact a rubbish drive put me right on the tree line and they acted like a magnet as my second and third shots kept on catching the branches and I eventually found myself in the bunker on the right. As can be expected there was a number of members on the clubhouse balcony having refreshments and watching numpties like me on the 9th and 18th green, knowing they were watching I really wanted to get out of the bunker first time and was elated to do that and end up about 3ft from the hole to a couple of shouts of great shot, I wondered what they thought when I missed the putt.
A good finishing hole on a great course that will challenge golfers of all abilities.

Hole 18.jpg
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