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Truro Golf Club
Played  9.09.2020

Weather & Course Condition

Leaving home it was very overcast and travelling down the A38 things got worse once I’d crossed the Tamar with mist descending but as I neared St Austell it did start to brighten up so it was with great relief that when I pulled into the car park the sun was out, a perfect day for golf. The course is a well matured parkland and it was in perfect condition with well manicured holes and greens to die for, the grounds staff can give themselves a big pat on the back as they certainly deserve it.


As I mentioned above I travelled down the A38 which is a very scenic route but with holiday makers and very heavy traffic at St Austell and in Truro it must have added an hour to the journey so I would suggest your best route to this course is to come down the A30 and come off at Three Burrows on the A390 to Truro and within 5-10 mins drive you will arrive at the course. As you travel along the A390 you would never guess you are there as houses line both sides of the busy road but just behind them is the wonderful parkland course. My only issue here was that the car park is not the biggest and on the day of my visit the ladies of the club were playing so the car park was virtually full and I think I managed to find the only parking spot left. Right alongside the car park is the large clubhouse & proshop where I was warmly welcomed and here you will find a machine that you must put your vehicles redg number in. On entering the reception area of the clubhouse you need to go upstairs to the bar/food area where I was greeted by a gentleman who got my tea and filled me in with a little information of the club. In front of the clubhouse is the putting green and alongside of that is an area you can practise a little chipping and pitching, the first tee is found by continuing to walk round the clubhouse to the rear where alongside the tee are two driving practice nets. This is a lovely club to visit, along with a great course and very friendly members it is a must for everyone to visit at least once, I myself will return and I am already looking forward to it.

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Hole 1.JPG

All yardage is from the yellow tee’s
Hole 1 – 344yds – Par 4

From the tee a wide fairway awaits, as you can see in the photo there are large trees on the left and the fairway turns to the left behind them, on the right of the fairway opposite them is a bunker. With a local member watching my drive  it went straight and true down the lefthand side of the fairway, it looked perfect but it had rolled of the far side of the fairway leaving me under the trees, taking a 7 iron I attempted a punch shot of around 110yds to the large flat green and fortunately the result was not to bad as it left me just off the righthand side of the green. All the greens here were perfect for putting on and I found them quite fast to what my clubs greens are but they are a dream to play on.

Hole 2 – 162yds – Par 3

Crossing the lane brings you to the 2nd tee that looks down to the green below. For me club selection was a problem, normally for this distance I would go with a 7 iron but as it was slightly below me and no wind I went with a 8 iron. My drive landed some 15yds short and rolled down onto the green, unbeknown to me at the time I didn’t realise there was a drop just before the green so my ball picked up speed and rolled across and off the green by some 20yds, a pitch and a putt did help so getting par here was a result if I was to play it again in the same conditions I think a good well hit 9 iron would be my choice.

Hole 2.JPG
Hole 3.JPG

Hole 3 – 369yds – Par 4

A short walk back up the slope to the third will leave you looking down to the green in the distance, big hitters will enjoy this one, for me I was more than pleased to find I only had 140yds left to the green after my drive which had left me on the righthand side of the fairway which brought a few large trees into play on my approach shot to the green so try to keep away from the right if possible. Thinking to play it sensibly I selected my 9 iron and concentrated on clearing the branches of the tree that was between myself and the green, letting rip the ball did clear them and was heading towards the lefthand side of the green and although it landed just short of the green it bounced high and to the left clearing the greenside bunker leaving me an awkward lie in long grass some 25yds off the green. As the greens are large and the fringes are well cut I managed to chip onto the fringe and watch the ball gently roll onto the green but ashamed to say I two putted from only 10ft away from the hole.

Hole 4 – 126yds – Par 3

Just beyond the 3rd green is the 4th tee, from here you look up to the green which is protected by a bunker in front of it as can be seen in the photo, normally I do not like these short par 3’s as my iron play leaves a lot to be desired, but having worked more on this it was a joy to watch my 9 iron fly high and land just behind the bunker and onto the green. On reaching the green I found my ball had rolled across it and just off the back of it, but using my putter I managed to return my second par of the day and both on the par 3’s, can this luck continue.

Hole 4.JPG
Hole 5.JPG

Hole 5 – 190yds – Par 3

A short walk up alongside the 6th fairway and you will reach the 5th. Another par 3 and as you can see it is lined all the way down on both sides by trees, the ground itself slopes gently right to left so you will want to aim to the right of the green but as can be seen there is a large tree on the line you want to play. This is the type of par 3 that the higher handicappers will find a little difficult but the lower ones will enjoy, I went with my rescue wood and aimed for the tree as I knew even with a perfect hit the ball wouldn’t fly more than 150yds which it duly did then bounced under the branches of the tree and went left leaving me just short of the green and yes I did get par leaving me with 3 pars on the first three par 3 holes.

Hole 6 – 436yds – Par 4

This hole is Stroke index 1 and at first you will wonder why but after playing it I now know. From the tee it’s a uphill drive with the fairway sloping left to right, the hole gently turns to the left but as can be seen there is yet another large tree waiting at the point where it turns. Not one of my best drives here and only progressed some 160yds up the fairway but the ball then rolled over to the right of the fairway into the fringe. As I have been having success in using my 13yr old 3 wood lately I let rip with it for my second, then watched as my ball gently rose and drifted right leaving me the wrong side of the trees just in front of the 15th tee. From here the only shot is over the trees to the large green that sits in a little bowl with no room behind if you overhit it, normally I would use my 65 degree wedge but did not strike the ball as I should and saw it hit the tree in front of me then land a few paces away in front of me, taking another go with the same club resulted in it clearing the trees and landing just short of the green. So the moral of this hole is concentrate on staying on the fairway all the time rather than distance will pay on this hole.

Hole 6.JPG
Hole 7.JPG

Hole 7 – 400yds – Par 4

Just to the left of the 6th green is the next tee, from here it’s 400yds to the green but sometimes the yellow tee could be moved back some 80yds to the other side of 6th green turning this hole into a par 5. From the tee the fairway drops down and then rises and turns to the right and slopes from left to right, as you can see there is a large tree near the bottom of the slope in the middle of the fairway that will act like a magnet for your ball. The big hitters will not worry about this unless they are playing off the back tee for the rest of us it’s a different story, my drive passed to the left of it but I still ended up on the righthand side for my second. Completely messed up my second which left me with 160yd shot to the green, taking my 7 iron I ended up just short of the green so considering everything walking off with a bogey was a good result.

Hole 8 – 347yds – Par 4

This fairway rises up and turns to the right towards the green, as like a lot of the holes here the green is not visible from the tee so taking aim at the marker post in the fairway is the line to take. My drive was worse than dismal as I pulled it well left behind bushes on the left of the fairway and only progressed about 100yds. My saviour here was my rescue wood which not only got me out of trouble but progressed some 150yds down the fairway so after all of this I managed to only drop one stroke.

Hole 8.JPG
Hole 9.JPG

Hole 9 – 159yds – Par 3

Tucked into the corner of the course is the 9th tee with the green waiting uphill in front of you with bunkers waiting for your tee shot. What looks like a simple par 3 is fraught with dangers for the higher handicapper, firstly all along the right is the boundary hedgerow then with bunkers in front and a uphill shot club selection is crucial here. I selected my favourite club my rescue wood which I can normally hit 150 – 160yds but as it was uphill I tried to hit a little harder but with disastrous result as it drifted right ending up right on the hedgerow line under overhanging branches leaving me with a punch shot which ended up in the bunker. Challenging hole this one for me and I suspect a challenge for a more skilled player than me.

Hole 10 – 304yds – Par 4

Another hole that turns right in the distance with the green not visible, there is a marker post on the left of the fairway to aim for but how many of us can land the ball where we aim, mine ended up on the right of the fairway leaving the green slightly blocked by trees and bushes and brought a bunker into play that’s is on the right front of the green which my second shot duly found. Why is it when your form dips there is always a greenkeeper around waiting for you to play and this one seemed to be following me cutting the fairways for the last 3 holes and would be there for the next 3. Even so enjoyed this hole and if you stay away from the right side of the fairway a par or better should be achievable.

Hole 10.JPG
Hole 11.JPG

Hole 11 – 323yds – Par 4

From the tee there does not seem to be any definition of fairway as can be seen in the photo, probably because the greenkeeper was following me and cutting the fairways, the fairway goes between the two large trees and gently bears to the right to the green that is in front of the clubhouse. I managed a reasonable drive which landed close to the large tree on the right, my second landed just short of the green and a chip and a putt gave me par which was a joy as you could feel the eyes from the balcony of the clubhouse watching, glad they didn’t see how I had played on the last two holes.

Hole 12 – 313yds – Par 4

From this tee the green is below in the distance with no real issues at all as long as you don’t drift to far right. As my driver normally drifts a little to the right I decided to use my 3 wood for this drive, right behind the tee another greenkeeper was cutting the hedgerow and maybe was not aware I was on the tee playing a shot but as I am not a player who wants complete quiet when taking a shot it didn’t bother me at all. Aiming down the left side the ball duly flew that way but as the fairway slopes to the right the ball rolled over to the right but stayed on the fairway some 20yds short of a lane that crosses the fairway. Note that the 17th tee is to the right of this fairway and they play across it, my ball was just in front of the 17th tee, not the best second for me as it left me just short of the two tiered green which is higher at the front but a par was still the result.

Hole 12.JPG
Hole 13.JPG

Hole 13 – 337yds – Par 4

Not a drive to look forward to for me here, as you can see from the tee the fairway rises quite steeply and with trees lining the lefthand side and the fairway sloping left to right it is quite a challenge. If you are a confident big hitter you will relish your advantage on this one as a shot down the left and over the brow of the hill will leave you in a good position, for the rest of us humans we are just hoping to have a second from the fairway. My drive went up the middle but as it didn’t clear the brow rolled over to the right out of my sight from the tee. One saving grace here is there is room to the right behind the trees that you can see in the right of the photo as long as you don’t go to far right. Even from where I was the green was still out of view so after walking up the fairway to get the line my second duly went on that line I had selected but once again rolled off to the right just off the fairway, playing a chip from here well to the left off the green made me happy as the ball rolled nicely to the right and onto the large green. This hole is definitely one for the locals who will know the line to take on both their first and second shots.

Hole 14 – 205yds – Par 3

A long par 3 for me although open with no real issues the distance and the fact it is slightly uphill all the way did not give me confidence standing on this tee. Deciding not to use the driver I went with my trusty 3 wood but did not make a great contact with it and it went off to the right but fortunately stayed just in play by a matter of inches but underneath overgrowing branches of one of the trees. Luck was with me for my second, taking my 7 iron and a punch shot to get under the branches and aiming well left off the green the ball went where I aimed for once. On walking upto the green I found the result better than one could expect as the ball had rolled round onto the green and ended up about a couple of feet behind the hole and yet another par 3 par was recorded.

Hole 14.JPG
Hole 15.JPG

Hole 15 – 342yds – Par 4

From the tee it looked like this hole was made for my type of drives, the fairway sloped slightly right to left and gently turns to the right and down to the green. Aiming straight up the middle I let rip but this time instead of my usual slight left to right the ball went dead straight then rolled off to the left just managing to stay on the edge of the fairway. From here it was a blind shot to the green and being a little cautious I took a 8 iron but came up well short and off to the left. This was not such a bad result really as if you go over the green you will end up on the 16th tee or beyond and with trouble on both sided of the green being short is not a bad result.

Hole 16 – 155yds – Par 3

This is their signature hole, a very picturesque type hole not too long and it drops down from the tee then upto the green with plenty of room in front of the green if you come up short, the only thing to watch out for is if you mishit and it could end up in the bottom of the dip or hit one or more of the trees on both sides of this hole. My drive came up short as I had sent it off a little to the right and it caught the top of the tree which knocked it straight down but I was still in play with a short pitch to the green. A nice hole this one, if you are striking the ball well you’ll enjoy it but any mishit can punish you.

Hole 16.JPG
Hole 17.JPG

Hole 17 – 329yds – Par 4

From the previous hole you cross the lane and you will come to the ladies tee for the 17th which is where the photo was taken. The mens tee is some 100yds further back the other side of the 12th fairway so be aware of players on this one. From the tee your hole goes over the 12th fairway and rises gently up for around 120yds then levels out with the green some 150yds in the distance. Ideally your drive will be straight or down the left side of the fairway and not like mine which drifted to far right and left me up against the hedgerow on the right which left me wasting a shot just to get out back onto the fairway. As long as your not too far on the left hand side you should have a clear shot to the green but be aware that the 18th tee is on the right side of this fairway and players on this tee will be driving over the 17th. With a open green waiting for you getting on the green in two will be achieved by the big hitters for the rest of us it will probably be a 3 or in my case 4 but a single put gave me a bogey.

Hole 18 – 282yds – Par 4

From this tee the wide fairway gently rises then turns to the right to the green, ideal line is aiming at the tall tree in the distance and should you reach the turn getting on in two is in range, beware if your drive goes to the right as there is a small bunker waiting for you there and I duly found it as my drive which went high and long but too far right and the ball was well and truly plugged in it. The best I could do for my second was to get out in one and progress some 50yds but still off the fairway, my third was a different story though as it sailed high and straight and landed on the front of the green and rolled towards the green, seeing even more people on the balcony watching put even more pressure on my putt but thank god it went down in one.

This is a great course to play and I can assure you that you’ll want to come back and play it again which is something I will do if not later this year depending on the Covid 19 restrictions but next year certainly and I will look forward to meeting everyone there again.

Hole 18.JPG

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