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Bude G. C.

Played 8th August 2017


Drive into Bude you enter a one way system that goes up the hill, as you get to the top keep right and take the right turn then turn left into the clubs car park. The position of the course being so close to the centre of town means holidaymakers use their car park and they appear to abandon their vehicles which I found out to my cost when trying to leave. Enter the clubhouse and you will find a welcoming bar/eating area and a well stocked pro shop who’s welcome made me feel as I’d known them a long time. From the clubhouse you look out over the course which is open to the elements from the sea so can be challenging. If you have never played here before it can be a little difficult to understand where you are aiming as there are a lot of blind shots but still a lot of fun.

Weather & Course Condition

Bright sunny day on my drive upto Bude, but when I stood on the first tee a squall was just about to start so for the first four holes  I became a little wet although I did manage to keep my clubs dry, after the squall had passed over the weather improved and I soon dried out. This was my second visit to this club and the course was in good condition with well kept greens, well placed bunkers and level teeing area’s.

Hole 1.JPG

All yardage is from the yellow tees

Hole 1 – Par 4 – 347yds

For those who don’t know you need to cross the road to get to the first, from the tee in the distance you will see the green, well at least the flag, a straightforward hole one thinks but problems are around with various patches of rough waiting for the offline drive and even a straight one can end up in a interesting position. Depending on your drive you may still not see the green so aim for the flag if you can see it but be careful on my second I miss read the distance as it looked further than it actually was but fortunately landed on the large green.

Hole 2 – Par 4 – 311yds

From the tee you have to carry the dunes in front of you to reach the fairway and for me I was not able to see where the ball landed so with fingers crossed I ventured over the dunes to find it sitting on the fairway, relief. Once again a lovely large green awaits your approach but with bunkers around it and the road immediately behind (there is netting to protect overhits) should you get on the green a birdie is possible but in my case happy with a par.

Hole 2.JPG
Hole 3.JPG

Hole 3 – Par 4 – 301yds

Another testing tee shot as about 30yds in front of the tee are once again large dunes so a relatively straight shot is required as dunes await all around, as you walk round the dunes you will see more that aren’t visible from the tee. I managed to keep to the right of them and as the hole has a slight dog leg left can leave a good position for your approach to another large green that is slightly elevated.

Hole 4 – Par 3 – 138yds

From the third green walk on for around 50yds, cross the road and continue  down to the 4th tee. Reasonably easy par 3 this one although the green is well protected by bunkers all around. If like me your not striking the ball well then there are lots of problems all around.

Hole 4.JPG
Hole 5.JPG

Hole 5 – Par 4 – 367yds

Back across the road is the 5th tee, the green is waiting straight ahead with the clubhouse behind, with a wide fairway and not to many problems and a good chance of a following wind you can let rip your drive. With a short/medium iron shot left to a lovely large green with a few bunkers to the left of it

Hole 6 – Par 4 – 363yds

Cross the road to the clubhouse and turn left and around 100yds walk to the 6th tee. Now this is where you will wish you had someone with you who has played here before as if like me I struggled to find the line to take as the green is not visible. If you look in the distance you will see a large hump and that is your line but be warned from the tee your drive is crossing the 18th fairway so watch out for other players. Should you make it to the top of the rise you may still struggle to understand where to aim for as the green is raised so is still not visible and I found seeing the flag was difficult because of the background. Once you have found the green the decision is do I go for it or play short, the sensible player will play short but if like me you decide to go for it you will probably end up in the long rough that makes up the bank to the green, however this is a large green and a par is a great result but I was more than happy with a dropped shot.

Hole 6.JPG
Hole 7.JPG

Hole 7 – Par 4 – 336yds

Just to the side of the 6th green is the 7th tee with the fairway stretching out in front of you it then goes up a large dune to the green which is again not visible but from the flat of the fairway upto the top is long rough that collects a lot of balls so good club selection from the tee is required. Behind the green is a large tall pole which dictates your line for your second. Once on top there is a lovely large undulating green.

Hole 8 – Par 3 – 170yds

A reasonably straight drive required here as trouble abounds all around, there is a little room to the left of the green so club selection is important, I used my rescue wood and although it was a little to the right due to it being higher that side it kicked left onto the large green, but then rolled off on the left. Good hole this one I wanted to go back and try again.

Hole 8.JPG
Hole 9.JPG

Hole 9 – Par 5 – 433yds

From the tee the fairway rolls down out of view but aim for the marker post or slightly left of it is a good line. For the second shot a decision needs to be made, the fairway narrows some 120yds ahead and then it rises steeply up to the green which is not visible, do you go for the green which is not visible or play to the narrow part of the fairway leaving a pitch upto the green. High risk or Low risk? I knew which I would take and it left me with a pitch upto the green but even this is a relatively blind and with virtually no room at the back of the green it will test you. Once on the green which is on two levels a putt from the back of the green to a pin position on the front could roll of the green.

Hole 10 – Par 3 – 130yds

A short par 3 this one but you do need to drop the ball on the green however a brook runs just in front of it and to one side and bushes and rough around the rest it will test you but there is room to play well short of it and short pitch on should still leave you with a chance of par.

Hole 10.JPG
Hole 11.JPG

Hole 11 – Par 5 – 471yds

Another hole which is a completely blind tee shot as just in front of the tee is a large bank with a marker pole on it. As it is a par 5  you will take your driver for this one but beware if you have not played here before and you look at the scorecard it appears to be a straight par 5 but it isn’t it has a slight dog leg left not far past the marker post  and a long straight shot could land you in rough, for me I aimed well left of the post which left me nicely in the fairway on the dog leg. From here you will see the green in the distance and a good second will leave you with a pitch onto the green but anything left or right will leave you in the rough and depending on the lie can be expensive. From this point I must warn you that for the rest of the round there are a lot of footpaths crossing the course and they are well used so beware of the public that use them. Although this is a large green there are a few deep bunkers waiting for you but once on the green a straightforward putt can reward you as the green like all the others are very good.

Hole 12 – Par 4 – 358yds

Another raised tee and another large dune in front to carry to a large fairway that is difficult to see from here. For your second shot the green is again not visible but this time it is behind a dune and drops down into a small bomb hole, for me I played to the right side of the fairway hoping for the ball to roll down the slope to the long green but for some reason it stopped half way down. Still not a bad result as using a putter you can get reasonably close to the hole of even in it.

Hole 12_Moment.jpg
Hole 13.JPG

Hole 13 – Par 3 – 194yds

This hole will either test you or make you swear, a long carry over the rough and bridlepath to a green that has long rough to the left and rear of it and a bunker waiting for you to the front right of it. For me luck took a hand as I managed to hit a good 3 wood that landed just in front of it and bounced up onto the green and rolled to the back of it. As the green is lower at the front than at the rear will leave a interesting putt. This hole can be expensive but should you get a par you will be looking forward to the next challenge with relish.

Hole 14 – Par 4 – 301yds

Standing on this tee any relish you had will disappear, in front is a huge dune and all you know is you have to get over it, there is a gap in it for the bridleway but remember a member of the public could be walking on it. Should you get over it with a straight drive it should leave you on the fairway, if not I’d reload as trying to play out of the rough could well get you in double figures. From the fairway you will see the fairway go up to another large dune and just behind it is the green. If you have had a good drive you may want to go for the green but should you do go for it and clear the dune you will need to drop and stop the ball as this is probably the smallest green on the course. For me play upto just short leaving a blind pitch over the dune onto the green.

Hole 14.JPG
Hole 15.JPG

Hole 15 – Par 4 – 369yds

From a raised tee you will look down the fairway and see nothing but large dunes and far in the distance is a large green waiting but not visible. Good club selection is paramount here as should you end in the dunes you are doomed. For me my rescue wood left me in a reasonable position on a slight uphill mound. The second shot is over a large dune and rough to the green some 180yds away but even then beware of the brook that runs some 20yds in front of the green. Luck was on my side as my second not only went straight but cleared the brook but rolled across the green and ended up against the netting that protects the properties behind this green. This is a large green and once on it the hard work has definitely been done.

Hole 16 – Par 4 – 389yds

You’ve guessed it another tee shot over large dunes to a fairway that can’t be seen and once again if you clear it and end up on the fairway the rest of the hole is less daunting. For the second as long as you end up on the fairway will be a good result leaving you a blind shot over a large dune to a large green just behind it.

Hole 16.JPG
Hole 17.JPG

Hole 17 – Par 4 – 393yds

Same as the previous holes from the tee there are lots of dunes to play between, a good tee shot that has not landed in any of the dunes will leave a second to a large green however to the left of the green is a hedge and rough and just in front is a brook so a good second will leave you on or near the green but for the rest of us a short iron will leave you just short of the brook and a simple pitch to the green.

Hole 18 – Par 5 – 447yds

At last you have come not only to the last but a tee shot with no dunes in front of you. A good drive to the dog leg left will leave you facing uphill to the large green just in front of the clubhouse, with plenty of room here a good second will leave you on or near the green. A really good finishing hole this one.
Short walk back to the clubhouse and a pint and ruminate over your round and whether good or bad will leave you like me wanting to come back and tame it.

Hole 18.JPG
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