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Trethorne G.C.
Played 16.11.17

Weather & Course Condition

Had a early start when visiting this course, dew was still on the ground (as can be seen in the photo’s), nice autumnal sunshine with a little breeze made it a perfect day to play golf at this time of year. There had been a lot of continuous rain prior to my visit but the course held up really well although there were a few areas that were very muddy or wet perhaps the worse being on the 2nd but even so it was still an enjoyable round.


I have to confess Trethorne is the sister club to my home club and as such I have played here on numerous occasions, the first was many years ago when it was only a nine hole course, nowadays it has expanded into a well matured 18 hole with greens that are on par with the best in the South West. The course is just West of Launceston and a matter of a few hundred yards from the A30, there is plenty of car parking available and the club house which has recently had a extension is welcoming and comfortable and serve great food. Not only is there the usual practice area’s there is also a driving range and they have lodges that can be rented making it a perfect place to base yourself for a Family/Golf break.

Hole 1.JPG

All yardage is from the yellow tees.

A good 1st hole, a dog leg right then down to the green with water near the right of the green makes it a challenge. From the tee the wide fairway is waiting, plenty of room and if you feel you can hit a good drive taking on the dog leg will leave you in a ideal position for pitching into the green. I was more than happy to see my drive land at the dog leg leaving a shot to the green of some 150yds, if you are going to miss the green like me it is better to be just left of it as it takes the water on the right out of play. Once on the green you will realise how good they are and they are a joy to putt on.

Hole 2 – 293yds – Par 4

A short par 4 which for the big hitters is possible to reach but with little room for error, although the tee is set back there is wide fairway waiting but should you go to far right the trees will block off your second to the green. Today I was playing well and drove dead straight leaving a 60yd pitch to the green. This green is probably the worst on the course as in the past it has suffered from moss growing in it but the groundstaff have cleared away the trees and bushes by the green and in doing this the green is improving, give it another twelve months and this one will be as good as the rest.

Hole 2.JPG
Hole 3.JPG

Hole 3 – 460yds – Par 5

A downhill par 5 which even the high handicapper should reach in three if not two, from the tee you will see two marker posts for me the line was left of the second marker post as the ball will roll to the right on the sloping fairway, if you are too far right you run the risk of losing it in heavy rough and brambles. From the fairway a good second shot with a fortunate bounce can leave you on the green but be careful as overshooting the green can mean a lost ball.

Hole 4 – 284yds – Par 4

For some reason I always struggle on this hole, a straightforward drive uphill onto a plateau is required, overshoot the plateau and you are in trouble also keep away from the left hand side. From the plateau you will look down to the green, with a high bank covered in trees hawthorn bushes and water and rough to the left by the green, a accurate approach shot is required. Once on the green it is then a simple putting game but the green can be a little soggy after a heavy shower.

Hole 4.JPG
Hole 5.JPG

Hole 5 – 144yds – Par 3

The first par 3 and what a challenge, from the tee it is nearly all carry to the green and as the tee is well protected wind can be a factor, any mishit can be sorely punished so hitting a rescue wood and watching it glide towards the green and stay on it made my day. The green has bunkers on both sides and overshooting it may well mean a lost or unplayable lie.

Hole 6 – 476yds – Par 5

Glorious par 5 this one where you stand a good chance of a birdie, from the elevated tee a good drive onto the fairway is required although I have seen many a drive end up in the trees on the right. For your second you will see a tree in the centre of the fairway so aim right of the tree which should leave you a shot to the large green and hopefully a birdie.

Hole 6.JPG
Hole 7.JPG

Hole 7 – 313yds – Par 4

A blind uphill shot on this one with lost ball should you go left, aim at the marker post in the middle of the fairway, your second from the fairway may well be still blind to the green but there is a large marker post behind the green remember to take a club more than required as it is a uphill shot and be aware of bunkers left and right in front of the large green.

Hole 8 – 135yds – Par 3

A short par 3 which is very challenging, tee shot must cross over the water but easier said than done, for me I take a extra club than required as I’d sooner be on the bank on the back of the green rather than in the water, getting par on here is a good result.

Hole 8.JPG
Hole 9.JPG

Hole 9 – 326yds – Par 4

Not driving well? This hole will challenge you then, from the tee you have about 150yd carry over the water to a uphill fairway with a bunker and trees waiting on the right which is the best side of the fairway to be if you want to go for the green on your second. As it is still uphill to the green the yardage is deceptive so once again take extra club on your shot. A large two tier green awaits and yet again putting on it is a joy.

Hole 10 – 375yds – Par 4

A long par 4 that I treat as a par 5 because I know it is unlikely for me to get on in two. From the elevated green the fairway drops away to a brook that crosses the stream then rises upto the dog leg left. Hopefully your drive gets over the brook and stays on the fairway as anything going left or right has trouble written all over it. For the big hitters who have taken on the dog leg and are on the fairway you will probably be left with around 120yds to the green, for the rest of us it’ll be 150+yds but will appear to be even further. A long two tier green awaits so being on the right tier will be a bonus.

Hole 10.JPG
Hole 11.JPG

Hole 11 – 396yds – Par 4

From the tee a blind shot over the brow, getting your line right is your challenge here as there is not a lot of room on the right and trouble can bite should you go left so a good drive towards the marker post is needed. For your second depending on your drive the green may be reachable but a good shot is still required, for me I don’t bother about going for the green just concentrate on getting a good strike that is going to stay on the fairway leaving a short pitch onto the green which is long and with water to the left of it, I’m more than happy to get a five but there can be a chance of par if the gods are on my side.

Hole 12 – 340yds – Par 4

Another blind drive here and good club selection required, anything going right may end up O.O.B. or you will have to take a blind shot over the bushes to the green, go right and run the risk of a lost ball then to make you think more if you hit a good drive too long you could end up with a difficult shot to the green, for myself I opt for a 3 wood as I know should I hit it down the middle I’ll still have a good shot to the green. The green is more kidney shaped with little to no room at the back.

Hole 12.JPG
Hole 13.JPG

Hole 13 – 135yds – Par 3

From the tee the green is well below you and you will need to carry all before you, it is protected by three deep bunkers in front of it. This has to be one of my favourite par 3’s, having played here a few times club selection is paramount but depending on weather conditions it can be a pitching wedge one day and a 7 iron the next. This is one hole where all of us can get a birdie but also cost us a lot of shots.

Hole 14 – 475yds – Par 5

A short walk from the 13th green will take you to a pretty 14th tee which during the summer with all the plants in full bloom around it makes it a wonderful sight. From the tee it’s all uphill and every time I tee off here I try that bit harder and end up with problems for my second but when I play my normal game I normally end up safely on the fairway. With your second still uphill a good one should get you near the top of it leaving a blind shot to the green and the distance to the green for your third can be little deceiving.

Hole 14.JPG
Hole 15.JPG

Hole 15 – 402yds – Par 4

Love this par 4 as a good drive will leave you with the chance to be not only on the green in two but close to the hole. From the tee it is all downhill to the green which is not visible from the tee. A good tee shot should leave you around 200yds to the green but as it’s all down hill we all stand a chance of reaching it, I tend to aim to the right of the green knowing that the ball will roll gently to the left and onto the green.

Hole 16 – 114yds – Par 3

A easy par 3 yardage wise but with trees lining both sides of the fairway it is a testing one. With the green being small in relation to the rest and a bunker to the front right I find it an achievement just to stay on the green from the tee. Although there is room in front of the green and to the left of it should you go anywhere else or overhit the green then problems could wait for you.

Hole 16.JPG
Hole 17.JPG

Hole 17 – 396yds – Par4

A uphill par 4 that will play longer than it’s yardage says, try to keep your drive to the left hand side of the fairway is the better line but I suspect more drives end up in the trees on the right and there will be those that will not even reach the ladies tee but they will not be the only ones. A good second could leave you on the green but most likely you’ll be some 50yds short of it as it is all uphill, as long as it doesn’t disappear to the right which could leave you with a testing third shot. A large green awaits your next shot and depending on the tee position you can take a one or three putt on it.

Hole 18 – 302yds – Par 4

From the 17th it is quite a walk to the 18th but be aware you will be crossing in front of the 6th tee on your left. A short dog-leg left par 4 to finish with, aim to be at the dog-leg with your drive leaving your second to the green which should be in reach for all of us. For you big hitters you can take on the dog leg by cutting the corner and clearing the hedge which should leave you close to the green but drift to far left and you will be O.O.B. Once again a large smooth green awaits which slopes slightly from rear to front.

Hole 18.JPG
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