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St Austell G.C.

Weather & Course Condition

Weather wise I was not looking forward to playing on this day, the weather had been in the high 20’s with little or no wind for days made me break out in sweat just thinking about playing in it but on the day I played the temperature had dropped a couple of degrees and there was a lovely gentle breeze which made it a joy to play in, couple this with a course that was in a great condition made it a great course to play.


Taking the A390 to Truro out of St Austell going downhill turn left into a lane which if you follow for @1/4 mile the lane turns right, turning left at this point will take you into the clubs car park. The clubhouse is very comfy and supplies everything you will need, the bacon bap I can certainly recommend and the ham, egg & chips were just perfect but I couldn’t manage all of it, certainly gave me value for money. The staff here are so friendly and efficient and all this coupled with a great course I can only fault it on one thing, and that is it is not nearer to where I live as this is one club I would love to join and certainly tops my list of courses you should play, a big thank you from me to all the staff.

Hole 1.JPG

All yardage is from the yellow tee’s
Hole 1 – 289yds – Par 4

From the tee a straightforward uphill hole to the green in the distance, no problems at all on this hole as long as you keep your drive in the fairway as the driving range is alongside the fairway on the right so anything right will either be lost in the hedge or OOB. There is more room to the left but too far will put you in the well established trees, your second to a large green which does not have too much trouble around it should leave you in a great position for par which I managed to record, a great starting hole not to difficult but can be a tester for any wayward shot.

Hole 2 – 161yds – Par 3

A good par 3 to challenge you at the start of your round, with a narrow tunnel to aim down due to the bushes lining the left and the same to the right a straight shot is required. For me my trusty rescue wood helped me to land just short of the green which has a bank to the left of it and bunkers around the right side and to the rear. One word of warning is be aware of players teeing off the 13th as many a wayward drive can come your way as I found out after chipping onto the green a little too strong the thud of a ball landing near me came to my ears with a ball appearing a few feet from the hole.

Hole 2.JPG
Hole 3.JPG

Hole 3 – 412yds – Par 4

After crossing the 13th fairway and past the 17th green will bring you to the 3rd tee, a good hole this one with a slight dogleg right around 70yds short of the green. A slight uphill drive, make sure you don’t go right as the trees will block you off from the green that can’t be seen from the tee, although there is a little room to the left you will have a longer second to the green. The green is large and has interesting undulations on it making it fun to play on as well as a challenge.

Hole 4 – 222yds – Par 3

Good par 3 this one with out of bounds all the way down the right hand side and bushes with lost ball on them should you go to far left. From the tee the green is sitting in the distance below you, this is a hole where good club selection is crucial as it is very easy to overhit the green even though it is over 200yds away. My choice was the rescue club which I know I can keep straight and is good for @160yds and as it is downhill will run down to the green at best of be just short at worst.

Hole 4.JPG
Hole 5.JPG

Hole 5 – 373yds – Par 4

It is a uphill drive on this one so take aim just left of the post in the fairway as the ball will roll left to right a little. Your second shot will make you think, do you go for the green which is protected by bunkers just in front and to the right of it or like me play well left and short of it and let the ball roll on to it. Luck wasn’t with me this time as it rolled into the bunker instead but a lucky bunker shot got me on the green.

Hole 6 – 506yds – Par 5

The 6th tee is some 100yds further on from the 5th green alongside the 3rd & 18th  tee’s so be aware of players teeing off from these tee’s. The fairway is wide but does fall slightly right to left, My drive ended up on the right leaving a good second which had I hit well could have reached the green as from about 100yds from the green the fairway steeply drops down to it, still that’s enough dreaming about my second as in fact I duly pushed it right and managed to put it about 10yds short of a tall tree between me and the green, being only 150yds out and knowing I would not be able to get a ball up quick enough to clear the tree I decided on a punch shot with a 3 wood which hopefully would keep the ball under the branches and give me good distance, if you have never tried this shot it’s worth doing as it’s got me out of trouble a number of times and this time was no exception as I watched the ball go under the branches and disappear over the drop down to the green. The green is large and flat and there is around 3’ drop just in front of the green which you will not see. Reaching the green my ball was not found because it had rolled down the steep bank behind the green.

Hole 6.JPG
Hole 7.JPG

Hole 7 – 308yds – Par 4

Unless you can hit a straight drive with your driver I suggest you leave the big boy in the bag, select a club that you know you can hit straight as anything going right is big trouble. With luck if you are on the left of the fairway you should have a clear second to the hole but anything in the centre or righthand side means you will have to take a blind shot over the trees to the green or play to the left of them and take 3 to the green. I like this hole as it always fills me with dread when I’m on the tee but after playing it wish I could play it again, will challenge all levels of golfer.

Hole 8 – 414yds – Par 4

From the tee the wide fairway drops down then rises upto the multi level green, on this hole you can certainly let rip with your driver but don’t go right as once again OOB awaits. Your second is all uphill so take at least a club more than usual to reach the large green, hopefully you will be on the same level as the pin but if not you will have a real putting challenge to look forward too.

Hole 8.JPG
Hole 9.JPG

Hole 9 – 308yds – Par 4

Tucked into the corner of the course just behind the 8th is your next tee, a good tee shot will leave a second to the green which has a large bunker waiting on the right some 40yds short of the green, anything right from the tee can end up in trouble and should you go left be ready to shout as you may end up on the 11th green or fairway. A good shot into the green will leave you with a great chance for par, but don’t do what I did and pull it left leaving me in a group of trees and shedding two shots just to get near the green.

Hole 10 – 170yds – Par 3

Good par 3 this one, with no trouble whatsoever from tee to green and now it has been re-modelled by having some of the bunkers removed from the front of it makes it a great hole. From the tee it is slightly uphill to the green, as I have been striking my 3 wood reasonable well and straight it was my weapon of choice, so after taking my tee shot and seeing the ball going off on a straight line I struggled to see it land due to the bright sun in my eyes. On reaching the green found my ball some 5’ past the flag just off the green but what should have been a birdie turned into a par.

Hole 10.JPG
Hole 11.JPG

Hole 11 – 348yds – Par 4

From the raised tee and with the 10th green just to the left of it the fairway drops down then gentle turns to the right  and upto to the green which can’t be seen from the tee. Ideally a good tee shot will leave a second to the large green that is protected well all around by bunkers, although a lot of us will either not drive long enough and will need another two shots to get on the green or either end up in the trees on the right or sending one down the 10th.

Hole 12 – 353yds – Par 4

Just behind the 11th green is the teeing area for this hole that drops gently down from you then rises quite steeply upto the large green, although this par 4 is a good one for those animals that can hit 240yds+ drives for us mortals it’s more like a par 5. Although it is a wide fairway I suspect there has been many a second shot played out of the rough on the right, if you have managed to hit a reasonable drive due to the rising fairway upto the green even a good second may not reach it. I like this hole, even though there’s no real problems on it it’s a good challenge due to it’s length and the difference in height from tee to green.

Hole 12.JPG
Hole 13.JPG

Hole 13 – 399yds – Par 4

Walking from the 12th green past the 6th & 18th tee there are a number of different teeing area’s that can be used, the hole stretches of in front of you with trouble both sides from 150yds out to the green. This may look a easy hole but the fact it’s stroke index one tells it’s own story, your tee shot needs to go down the left hand side as the roll will bring back to the centre or left of the fairway which will give you a better line to the green. Be warned many a tee shot has gone off in the direction of the 2nd green which is just on the right, and I know it happens as when I was on the tee one player put his drive from the 13th onto the green just missing my ear. A straight second should leave you on or near the large flat green.

Hole 14 – 325yds – Par 4

Now this hole will be a challenge for those who struggle with their drives, some 50yds in front of you is a clump of trees right on the line you want which if you feel you can’t get over you will have to go to the left of them which is still a challenge, for those who do go for it clearing them and not drifting to the left will leave you in a good position, but beware if you try to go just to the right of them as OOB awaits and I can tell you a lot of players have sent their balls there as when I walked to my ball which did stay (just) on the fairway I spotted a lot of balls down the bank. For the second you will see the flag in the distance but if you go straight for the green there is a good chance you will end up in the bunker that’s waiting for you, I found aiming well left of it was perfect for me as the ball rolled from left to right and was just short of the green. Once on it you shouldn’t need more than two putts as it is a large reasonably flat green.

Hole 14.JPG
Hole 15.JPG

Hole 15 – 394yds – Par 4

The tee for this hole is set well back meaning there is a tall hedgerow lining the righthand side of the teeing ground for about 75yds, to the left of the tee area is the local farmers field so a good straight tee shot is required. For normal golfers standing at the tee and looking up the fairway will make you think twice, many a shot will have gone off to the left making players on the previous green duck, and many more will have gone right either lost in the field or buried in the hedgerow that lines the boundary of the course. Should you manage to get a reasonably long drive and stay on the undulating fairway that gently turns right it will leave a long second upto the large green, my drive found the bottom of the hedgerow on the right but luckily I did have a strike at the ball and managed to knock it sideways onto the fairway, my trusty rescue wood and a lucky strike saved me and I only lost one stroke.

Hole 16 – 91yds – Par 3

A lovely short par 3, from the tee it’s just a easy wedge that you want to hit high and drop softly on the small green that nestles within the bushes with a bank behind it and bunker to the front. For me it is the perfect length for my 58 wedge and watching the ball sail high and straight from the tee landing softly on the green made me feel like a pro…. That is until I walked to the green to find it had rolled back into the bunker. Great hole and a great challenge.

Hole 16.JPG
Hole 17.JPG

Hole 17 – 291yds – Par 4

This tee is right alongside the previous holes tee, the green is straight ahead and it’s slightly downhill all the way to it, a good tee shot will leave a short second onto the large green that is higher at the front so everything will roll to the back of the green or even off it. Big hitters can hit this green and the gentleman who joined me for the last few holes did just this and scored a great eagle, I was over the moon with par but looking back it should have been a birdie.

Hole 18 – 394yds – Par 4

A long downhill par 4 which dips down from the tee meaning if you are following a group of players you may not see them. A relatively easy hole but after having a enjoyable walk on the hottest day of the year and arms that felt like lead I duly put my drive well right, in fact I was nearly on the 10th green leaving a awkward second over the trees just to get back on the fairway. If you send your drive to the left there is a group of large trees waiting to catch it. Your shot to the green is challenging as well because the clubhouse is close to the left of the green and I noticed a number of damaged tiles on the roof and I don’t think it’s from hailstones, also you can guarantee there will be a number of eyes watching you, no pressure then. The green is lovely and large and once on it a joy to putt on.

Hole 18.JPG
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