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Kidderminster Golf Club
Played 05.03.2017

Weather & Course condition

Very overcast with thick cloud, occasional showers with a medium wind the course was in good condition but a few holes had suffered from the amount of rain deposited on the course over a number of days had left standing water on the fairway’s and on a couple of greens but still the course was playable.


The clubhouse is found at the end of a tree lined road lined by houses certainly not what you would expect, drive past the pro shop & clubhouse into a reasonably large car park. On the day of my visit I was unable to get into the clubhouse but after going into a very well equipped pro shop where a warm welcome was received they gave me the key pad code to the locker room where I could access the bar area. The staff here were very polite and welcoming and made me feel relaxed and looking forward to my round after spending 3½hrs driving from my home to the course.

After a much needed cup of tea it was time to get changed and take to the course, on the day of my visit the course was very quiet but just in front of me was a group of 3 club members who I followed round the course which was a blessing in disguise as there was a number of times where had I not seen them leave the green to the next tee I may have had little difficulties finding some of the tees but this was a minor issue as the course was great to play and with the exception of a short steep climb upto the 18th green it was fairly flat to walk.  

Overall a great course to play for all no matter what your ability and challenging to boot, a good clubhouse with a very well priced menu, my only regret was that the kitchen was closed when I had completed my round as I was looking forward to a meal there.

All yardage is from the yellow tees
Hole 1 – Par 4 – 277yds

A short par 4 that from the tee is deceiving as to the distance, for the big hitters the fairway bunker on the left is a carry of over 180yds to clear it which could leave them on or near the green but for us lesser mortals a drive down the centre or even on the right hands side will leave a relatively easy pitch into a long narrow green protected by bunkers. A good starting hole to loosen you up for what’s to come.

Hole 1.jpg
Hole 2.jpg

Hole 2 – Par 5 – 492yds

Now you can open up your shoulders on this one and let rip, from the tee it’s a slight uphill drive to a wide fairway that’s straight to the green in the distance as long as you don’t over hook or slice you will be left with a couple of good strikes that should leave you on or near a large green.

Hole 3 – Par 4 – 321yds

Straight forward hole this one, try not to go left and if you are too far right you may be hindered by the trees on the right for a approach shot into the green which is once again well protected by bunkers but once on the green which like all the greens I played today has a smooth predictable roll.

Hole 3.jpg
Hole 4.jpg

Hole 4 – Par 4 – 360yds

Another straight hole lined both sides with trees as you can see from the picture, if you can keep your shots reasonable straight this hole shouldn’t trouble you but as we all know us higher handicappers aren’t consistent enough so if you do end up amongst the trees take your punishment and just play back onto the fairway.

Hole 5 – Par 3 – 148yds

This is an interesting little par 3 which is well protected by a number of greenside bunkers all around it, when I played this one it was from the temporary tee which was in front of the normal teeing ground, for myself a easy 8 iron was my weapon of choice which would have been perfect if it had gone straight instead of landing just left of the green however as there is a lot of green to play with a simple pitch over the bunker left me on green.

Hole 5.jpg
Hole 6.jpg

Hole 6 – Par 4 – 320yds

Another straight hole to a green that is just below you and as you can see in the photo another hole where a wayward hole can cost you shots, ideally you will need your approach shot to the green to be from the right hand side of the fairway as there is a well established tall tree on the left of the green and with O.O.B. just behind the green you will not want to overhit this one.

Hole 7 – Par 4 – 317yds

Another hole where you will need a reasonably straight drive to leave you preferably in the centre or right hand side so as to leave you with a good shot into the green which has a large pond on the left of it. Really enjoyed this hole even though I made a complete mess of it by putting my drive into the trees on the right and overhitting out of them and ending up in the ones on the left but that’s golf.

Hole 7.jpg
Hole 8.jpg

Hole 8 – Par 4 – 369yds

A nice long par 4 this one, from the tee you drive over the pond that was to the left of the previous holes green, on the day of my visit the light was not great and it was into the wind so a good drive was required which more by luck I managed, missed all the geese and duck’s that were taking a siesta on the fairway. On the day of my visit the course had received a lot of rain of the preceding day’s and there was a lot of standing water on the fairway but not enough to spoil this hole, for the high handicappers it’s more like a par 5 than 4 so I played it as one and was happy to be in a greenside bunker in 3 and still managed to score 5. A good challenging hole this one that will sort the men out from the boy’s and is a good challenge for all.

Hole 9 – Par 4 – 436yds

Another long par 4 whereby the hole is well lined both sides by trees, once again a good challenge for the low handicapper’s but for the rest of us getting on the green in 3 is the target but even 4 is a good result. If your striking the ball well this hole is great but if not it could ruin your card.

Hole 9.jpg
Hole 10.jpg

Hole 10 – Par 3 – 149yds

I don’t normally like par 3’s as for some reason I’m rubbish on them as I was on this one, after putting my drive into the undergrowth on the right and my next one into the bunkers in front of the green I did manage to walk off with a 4 but for the rest of you this is a lovely hole and for anyone who drive lands safely on the green a great chance for a birdie is yours.

Hole 11 – Par 4 – 411yds

From the tee it’s slightly uphill and the fairway turns gently to the left, this time the tree lined fairway is not so daunting as the fairway appears wider, a good second shot should leave you with a simple uphill shot to the large green, any high handicapper that get’s on this green in two will probably be used to being called a bandit so scoring 5 on this one is a great result.

Hole 11.jpg
Hole 12.jpg

Hole 12 – Par 4 – 362yds

I loved this hole, from the tee there are two fairway bunkers that for big hitters should not come into play and for those who aren’t you may well end up short of them, for myself I luckily sent a shot straight up the middle of the fairway ending up just short of the left hand bunker, from here you will be left with a downhill shot to the green but it is worth walking up the fairway to see the green as it is not visible and you will not want to overhit this hole.

Hole 13 – Par 5 – 535yds

I liked this par 5, from the tee it looks quite a narrow tee shot even though in the photo it looks a wide fairway as long as you don’t go right and you clear the criss crossing of the tracks in front of you then all is well. Word of caution here as you walk from the tee look out for players teeing off from your left as you will be crossing the 18th fairway. The fairway goes gently uphill and turns left then down to the green which if you have had a good drive and second shot will leave it in range for you.

Hole 13.jpg
Hole 14.jpg

Hole 14 – Par 4 – 364yds

Another tree lined hole that has a slight right hand turn to a elevated green, once again after taking your tee shot be aware of players to your right who may be driving up the 17 which you have to cross. If you have hit a good drive it is worth a go for the green which is protected by bunkers to the front of it otherwise it is more sensible to play short of the green leaving a simple pitch upto the green.

Hole 15 – Par 3 – 156yds

From the tee looking down to the green you will see a pond protecting the front to left hand side of the green and a bunker to the right can seem quite daunting but for once I managed to put my drive on the green. The green is large and runs true so if you do the same as me a birdie awaits, but not in my case.

Hole 15.jpg
Hole 16.jpg

Hole 16 – Par 4 – 404yds

Another par 4 that played long as it was into the wind and had quite a bit of standing water so is a good challenge for all. From a slightly elevated raised tee a drive that stays on the fairway is a good result leaving a second that should put you on or near the green.

Hole 17 – Par 5 – 477yds

From the photo you can see how narrow it looks for the drive, by now if your like me a bit of fatigue is coming in and the old body starts to feel a little stiff but you can open up your shoulders on this drive and let rip, if you’re on the fairway a good second shot should leave you in a good position for a good approach shot into a large green but should you need to play short and leave yourself a pitch onto the green then so be it.

Hole 17.jpg
Hole 18.jpg

Hole 18 – Par 4 – 247yds

The final hole and what a good one, your drive has to clear the hedgerows in front of you that line the lane that cuts across this hole, as this is a short hole as long as you have kept out of trouble you will be left with a pitch upto the elevated green which as it is long, you can attack the pin. Great finishing hole and nice to have a hole that is not lined by trees.

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